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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Creepy Apparition Of A Ghost Soldier Captured At Devil's Den In Gettysburg

Creepy Apparition Of A Ghost Soldier Captured At Devil's Den In Gettysburg

There are beliefs that places where a war took place is considered to be haunted. Haunted by the soldiers, rebels, victims,etc that were present during the war or battle. What would you do if you see a ghost of a soldier on a visitor's location? A creepy image was captured in Devil's Den by a woman named Jeanie Brown. She took the picture when she was about to leave Devil’s Den in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She claims that there is a ghostly white figure appearance in the said picture. The creepy apparition depicts the figure standing off by the side of the road in Devil's Den.

Here's the picture taken by Brown:

Devils Den is a boulder-strewn Gettysburg Battlefield hill used by artillery and infantry (e.g.,snipers) during the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, Second Day . A visitor attraction since the memorial association era, several boulders are worn from foot traffic and the site includes numerous cannon, memorials, and walkways. - Wikipedia
Devils Den was formed with Little Round Top (to the east-northeast) and Big Round Top (southwest) by periglacial frost wedging of the igneous landform formed 200 million years ago when the " outcrop of the Gettysburg sill" intruded through the Triassic "Gettysburg plain":13 After c. 1855, for 25 years through 1881, a 15 ft (4.6 m) snake had been reported between the Emmitsburg Road & Devils Den, and the 1898 black snake had a length of only 8 ft (2.4 m). Named before the battle,
some soldiers' accounts used the name "Devil's Cave", and a depression on a boulder that collects water resembles a flying horned bat. - Wikipedia
Brown claims that when she was in Devil's Den, she didn't see the white figure that's why there's really no intention from her to capture anything creepy on the said place that is now considered to be
a visitor location. While this could tickle the fear that we have for eerie yet historical places, there are some clarification that it may be a monument carved from white marble. The monumemt may look like a rifle-wielding union soldier who leans on a rock.

Can this be a proof that Ghost Soldiers can be seen roaming around the area? Are they aware that the Battle of Gettysburg is over already? Or can this be a case of wrong judgment to a marble monument in Devil's Den?

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