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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Groom Shocked After Discovering His Wife Is Actually A Boy

Marriage is considered to be a very special and momentous event for every man and woman who truly share one love for each other. It's sacred and worth remembering but what would you do if someone you married had a dark secret that you're about to know right after tying the knot with him/her?

 Would you be able to handle the truth? Just like what happened to Balak Ram, who happens to only know that his "wife" was not really a 29-year old woman but a 15-year old boy.

The schoolboy was just disguising himself as a woman until they got married.

"When I first met Raj it was love at first sight, for sure. We spent some time together and I realised that she was the one for me" - Balak Ram
 Balak Ram described his love affair with his "wife" named Raj as love at first sight and it's quite the type of whirlwind romance we usually see in the movies. Balak's world was turned upside down when he found out the truth after taking his "wife" to a hotel suite a week after their wedding.

Balak got introduced to his "wife" after paying a dance troupe leader to find him a wife and that dance troupe leader gave the schoolboy to Balak who has no idea about the schoolboy's disguise. The two got along well and the romance was overflowing in the air as Balak setup a wedding after a week of meeting Raj. The wedding was attended by family and friends.

"We went to Goa, which is a good place for a honeymoon as the beaches are romantic and thesunsets beautiful. But when we got into the bridal suite I had the shock of my life. My 29-year-old wife was a 15-year-old boy." - Balak Ram
The newlyweds went to Goa for a romantic honeymoon and that's when the revelation broke out. Balak got mad for believing easily that his wife is a woman. He annulled the marriage right away.
"We get on well as friends and I don't mind being seen with him in his sari. It fooled me so it fools everyone else, and at least I can look good with someone on my arm when I go out." - Balak Ram

Though he got fooled, Balak and his annulled wife/schoolboy Raj remained to be friends.

Looks like there's no bad blood between them, It's nice to note that Balak didn't lose his cool after knowing the truth about his wife, right?

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