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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jesus Got Arrested For Walking On Water

Jesus Got Arrested For Walking On Water

Anyone who have read the Bible or watched movies about Jesus Christ knows that there was an incident that Jesus himself walked on water and it did not fail to capture the people that was with him during that time. Fast forward to today, A man who calls himself Jesus or Philly Jesus got arrested for trying to duplicate the said Christ-like stunt. Unlike Christ, The man did not get away with it.

  Jesus Got Arrested For Walking On Water

'Philly Jesus' was known as a man who performs stunts related to Jesus Christ. To also make it more interesting, This street performer also looks exactly like Christ. Of course, The Christ look that we see on the books, movies, etc is what we are pertaining to. Philly got arrested in Philadelphia's Love Park.


The police approached him for his arrest and Philly Jesus' reaction was that the police threatened him. Phillly Jesus was arrested for disorderly conduct. Though this may be called a disorderly conduct, a lot of people supports to free him by using the hashtag #FreePhillyJesus om Social Media to protest his arrest.

According to newsbite.it and metro, PhillyJesus is a recovering drug addict who just spreads God's words through his stunts that he does on streets.

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