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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Loyal Dog Continues To Wait In Vain For His Owner Who Died A Year Ago At The Hospital

There are stories that would totally melt your heart and this one is no exception. Today's article is similar to Hachiko: A Dog's Tale, that movie was based on a true story of a loyal dog. 

The dog's name was Hachiko and he visited his master's grave every day for 7 years.

 Loyal Dog Continues To Wait In Vain For His Owner Who Died A Year Ago At The Hospital

It is truly a heartbreaking movie. But this time, We will know the real story about an overwhelming love between a dog and her owner.

Meet Masha, A dog from Russia that has a story that will warm our hearts. The loyal dog who still waits in vain everyday for more than a year outside a Russian hospital for her beloved owner who will never return. Two years ago, Masha and her  owner showed up at the Siberian hospital and eventually, the owner got admitted to the hospital. Masha remains to be the owner's sole visitor who only leaves at night to guard her owner's home and goes back to the hospital first thing in the morning to stay with her owner. Unfortunately, Masha's owner died and Masha still remains loyal as ever as she still shows up at the hospital everyday to wait for his owner to come back to her.

According to The Siberian Times, Masha become a well-known, and much loved figure at the Novosibirsk District Hospital Number One. Patients and staff always ensure she has a warm bed and food to eat. Doctors are also hoping for someone will take pity on the dog and bring her to a new home. 
'You see her eyes, how sad they are - it's not the usual shiny eyes for when a dog is happy. You can see this in animals in the same way as with people, There is nothing medicine can do for her here, but we are still hoping that Masha will be able to find another owner. One day, and we very much want this day to come soon, our Masha will trust somebody' - chief doctor Vladimir Bespalov told The Siberian Times
A family tried to adopt Masha but the sad thing is, The dog still goes back to the hospital to wait for her owner at 3 AM in the morning. Masha's unconditional love to her owner  never seizes to touch and amaze anyone who knows her story.

Another similar story of a Dog's loyalty to his master can also be found in the city in Russia, there is a dog monument. The story behind the monument is, A car crash took place right there on a highway, the dog was in the car, 2 people died in the hospital, but luckily he survived, since then he would stay on the highway permanently, people noticed him, and he became a TV star, but then he died after some time at the same place as his owner.

Let's be real, Dogs are just so loyal and have so much unconditional love, right?

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