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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Man Grows New Face On His Chest After Electrocution

Man Grows New Face On His Chest After Electrocution

Imagine getting electrocuted when you least expect it, It would totally hurt and freak you out, right? But what if getting Electrocuted and being able to survive it, would give you another burden and that is losing your face? How would you be able to handle it? A man from China is experiencing that unusual problem right now and Doctors are right now trying to cure his condition by growing a new face on his chest.

Man Grows New Face On His Chest After Electrocution

Before you ask yourself why the doctors are doing it, Here's what happened to Yan Jianbin that led to his condition right now. Yan lost his right eye and nose after being severely injured from the electrocution that he experienced for opening a high-voltage transformer. To fully help his condition, Doctors are growing a new face on his chest to have it carved and be its replacement to Yan's destroyed face.


The face markings have been designed by doctors and it has been 6 months when the pioneering treatment have started at Shenyang Amy General Hospital. This pioneer procedure involves injecting saline water into Yan's chest to expand the skin. The said surgery will be having five phases and will take two years to finish.

Yan is in for a long process to have his new face but the doctors assured him that everything that will be done to him is carefully researched and safety is always first.

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  1. At the moment it looks like a regular tissue expander. Will they eventually be able to grow his new nose and eye socket on it I wonder?