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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shampoo And Toothpaste Might Be Linked To Cancer

We love taking care of ourselves and making our look more impressive, right? That's why we can't afford to let a day pass without taking a bath, wash our face, brush our teeth, etc. And good quality products is truly essential such as shampoos that leaves hair clean without going too harsh on your scalp. In order for us to assure ourselves safety from the products were using, We need to laways check what's inside and what is it for. Which leads us to our topic for this article and that is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. SLS is part of the ingredients of some of the shampoo and who knows you might be using that shampoo without knowing what it could do to your body.

Turns out that this stuff is a harsh chemical detergent which is commonly added on shampoos because it is proven to be effective to remove dirt due to being inexpensive. But don't rejoice yet because it is too strong that it is used to clean motor engines. Not only engines, It is commonly used in laboratories to break up DNA. The said component has been proved to may cause: depression, eye damage, labored breathing, diarrhea, severe skin irritation, corrosion and even death.

According to the American College of Toxicology: 
Both SLS and SLES can cause malformation in children's eyes. Other research has indicated SLS is damaging to the immune system, especially within the skin. Skin layers exposed to the substance separate and inflame due to its protein denaturing properties.LS stays in the body for up to five days. Other studies have indicated that SLS easily penetrates through the skin and enters and maintains residual levels in the heart, the liver, the lungs and the brain. This poses serious questions regarding its potential health threat through its use in shampoos, cleansers and toothpaste. 

We can assume that this may be the most dangerous of all ingredients in personal care products that we are using. To further prove it, Research has shown that SLS when combined with other chemicals, It can be transformed into nitrosamines, a potent class of carcinogens, which cause the body to absorb nitrates at higher levels than eating nitrate-contaminated food.

SLS is also part of the reason why we like to brush teeth/use-cleaning stuff. The foaming of products makes us addicted to using them. 90% of shampoos and toothpastes include sulfates (SLES and SLS), all commercial brands basically use it to cheapen costs, very few 100% organic brands offer shampoos and toothpastes without sulfates,

Though there may be a different explanation why it can still be used for our body, 16,000 studies/researches have proven that SLS may cause life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

It pays to always check the products' label and it's components, may it be hygiene products or not.

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