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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Esoterical Meaning Behind The Artworks of Michael Jackson

The Esoterical Meaning Behind The Artworks of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is truly an icon in the industry of music, fashion and showbiz. His death shocked the world accompanied with various theories about the real cause of his death. There are conspiracy theories about him being the ILLUMINATI sacrifice and his death is only a ritual. But that's just one of the theories that still boggles everyone's minds. This time, his artworks that he have left behind is said to be linked to a Monarch Mind Control. left behind a great quantity of artwork – and their symbolism is very telling. They provide a rare insight into his inner-struggles and, more importantly, are riddled with images and triggers relating to Monarch mind control.

The story of Michael Jackson is the story of everything that is wrong in the entertainment industry. Pushed into the spotlight from a young age, Jackson became a literal slave of the music industry. While at the peak of stardom, MJ slowly but surely metamorphosed into a completely different person. Although his physical changes were the most obvious, he also showed signs of heavy psychological abuse. Was he subjected to Monarch Programming during a crucial stage of his life? New clues appear to hint in that direction. - VigilantCitizen.com

The said site compiled pictures of MJ's paintings that may or may not be linked to Mind Control, Here are some of the paintings from the King of Pop

The painting shows a clown's face that's drawn on red. 
Esoterical meaning: This can be reminiscent of blood, anger, rage and violence,
The words “I truly love you” may appear to be insincere, as if coming from a playful clown.

The artwork depicts Michael's bottom face to be deformed with letter seven above his face.
Esoterical meaning: His deformed and crosshatched face may suggests as if it was being shocked with electric current from an electroshock torture?

The artwork shows dual face with umbrellas attached to its shoulders.
Esoterical meaning: This image is reminiscent to MKULTRA 101.

MKULTRA 101- concept of duality and the split of personality. The umbrellas facing in opposite ways with the mirroring faces displaying opposite emotions and the checkerboard pattern at the bottom, it is a clue to MJ being a slave to mind control.

The atrwork shows a smiling face attached to several wires.
Esoterical meaning: The wires that are connected to the face may appear to be switching boxes. 
This  may be a reference to electroshock torture. 

The artwork shows an x-ray view of the body.
Esoterical meaning: According to the original source “in the field of art therapy this may indicate a possible disconnect between the mind, body and reality”. This is the goal of Monarch programming.

Michael Jackson won't be here anymore to explain his artworks and this impressions that some of us linking this to Mind Control may or may not be true but if you think and try to remember MJ's glorious past and success, it could be real that he might be subjected to Mind Control before as his artworks shows us.

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