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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Woman Fakes Pregnancy Multiple Times to Threaten Exes and Avoid Jail


A 35-year old woman's fake 'Pregnancy' kept her out of jail. The former Twin Cities woman identified as Bethany Ann Good is now under fire for having at least 5 men have filing harassment and restraining orders against her. The men claimed that she retaliated against them when they try to call off the relationship. And in order to stop having their relationships ended, Bethany Ann Good told three of them that she was pregnant and that they were the father. The shocking allegations were all made by Bethany within the past year.

Her manipulating streak didn't just ended there, Bethany was charged with violating one restraining order six times before but she was able to persuade the County judge of her case to keep her out of jail due to her pregnant state.And to make her plea more appealing, she even said that she was pregnant with twins.The judge asked for documentation to prove her claim but the submission of her papers gone through a lot of delays. The Minnesota Department of Health later said it was expunging those records because Good "failed to provide adequate documentation."


According to twincities.com, A review of court records have shown some allegations from men who were involved with Bethany Good. Here are the following allegations:

1. A Prior Lake man filed a harassment restraining petition in September 2010, asking that Good be barred from contacting him. 
2. A Shakopee man filed a petition in February 2012, saying Good was sending him unwanted messages, leaving notes on his car and showing up uninvited at his workplace. Good was charged in six separate cases for violating the restraining order and ordered to serve 30 days in jail beginning Jan. 2, 2014. She didn't show up, and later claimed to Scott County District Judge Caroline Lennon that she was pregnant. 
3. Another man said he met Good via Match.com. They had one date, during which they had sex. For the next 15 months, Good "has not left me alone," the man said in his July 2014 petition. She claimed that she became pregnant with his child and delivered stillborn twins prematurely in October 2013. She said she placed the cremated remains in an urn, which she showed him. Good later claimed that the babies were, in fact, alive. Someone delivered an unboxed, unassembled baby swing to his home with a note that read, "Please see that Bethany gets this before they move out of state." 
4. A Minneapolis man alleged in a Nov. 3 petition that Good told him he was the father of her unborn child. She ingratiated herself with the mother of the man's real child and moved in with her for several months. The man told the court that he was afraid he would lose custody of his child because of what Good was doing.
5. A Farmington man filed a harassment petition Nov. 14. He had responded to a Craigslist ad that Good placed seeking a home. He rented a room to her in his house. They had sex in September, and she later told him she was pregnant with his child. When police arrested her on a warrant Oct. 23, she told them she had an ectopic pregnancy and could "bleed out" at any moment. They took her to a hospital, where doctors found she was not pregnant.

Bethany was also charged last week with felony aggravated forgery and making a false statement in a birth registration, which is considered to be a gross misdemeanor. She also was charged on Oct. 27 for forgery and contempt of court. But she was allowed to evade jail due to her another pregnancy claim.

As of now, Good's whereabouts still remain to be unknown. Good may be out there trying to live a new life or may she be looking for her next victims?

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