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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christian Group Predicts The World Will End Within 7 Years

There are tons of predictions, theories and signs that pertains to the end of mankind. Some of its predictions expressed that there will be a time wherein the human race will be like zombies, demons will prey the innocent ones. There are also claims that the world's end will all boil down to how global warming show its full effect on us.

Christian Group Predicts The World Will End Within 7 Years

While some even predicted a certain time frame and date where the world is scheduled to its end. Just like what a Christian Group predicted recently. The world will end within 7 years, that's the prediction of the said group.

According to the World Bible Society's President, Dr F Kenton Beshore, The end of the world will be in seven years accompanied with huge floods, strong earthquakes and unstoppable plagues that will totally end the entire human race. They also predicted that in the early years of the Apocalypse, the Antichrist groups will also rise to reign and rule the remaining population.


If you are saddened to hear this prediction, Don't fret just yet because the said group also predicted that the reign of the Antichrist will end abruptly as Jesus Christ will come back shortly to end the sufferings and bring all "Christians" with him to stay with him on Heaven. The certain timeframe given for the end of the world is on 2021 and Jesus will be arriving in the years 2018 and 2028.
‘Seven major signs have already been fulfilled, Five major signs are currently being fulfilled, and 15 more major signs are yet to be fulfilled.Those who are watching are the Lord’s obedient servants,The Lord Jesus commanded us to watch for his return.’ - Kenton Beshore

Beshore and the whole World Bible Society totally believes that the signs for the impending Apocalypse have already showed up and accomplished. They mentioned the rebirth of the state of Israel, travel across Earth into space, World Wars and the founding of the UN as one of the signs for the Apocalypse.

There are too many claims on how the World will end but the real question is, which one would you believe?

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