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Thursday, December 4, 2014

"wpkepkw": The Cursed YouTube Video

"wpkepkw": The Cursed YouTube Video

Horror movies nowadays have freaky and creepy plots like a cursed object that will haunt and hunt down anyone who had contact with it. One perfect example of an awesomely creepy "object curse" stories would be "The Ring" from Japan wherein a videotape is cursed and everyone who have watched it, intentionally or by accident will receive a phone call telling them that they will face death within days. The story is so creepy and may cause paranoia if it's indeed true. But what if there's something like that in real life? A video that has a curse? Have you heard of the cursed YouTube video "wpkepkw"?

The title "wpkepkw" may sound like a lousy title made by someone who's bored and uninspired enough to make a title, right? But don't let the title fool you. there are claims from different people that the said video is indeed true. According to some, wpkepkw is a true cursed video that exists. It just doesn’t show up whenever you search for it. For some people who confessed of seeing it said that the video itself is so blurry. What makes it creepy is the appearance of a mysterious figure standing in front of the camera while distorted moans and groans slowly get louder until the video ends.

The curse of  "wpkepkw" is that it only shows when it is the time of your death. Some say that if you watch it you will become possessed and die eventually. Other speculations are that it's a video made by the government as an experiment but it somehow failed. Other one would be it's just one of the internet hoax that never fails to catch people's attention.

Due to the video's unavailability when you search for it, one brave soul admits to looking for it for weeks and when he got to discover where the video is, he decided to capture it using his phone. He later uploaded it to his site and confessed that his computer is being possessed and he wants to remove any trace of that video in his computer to avoid the curse from happening.

The said video still needs to be proven true for its curse but for now, a lot of people still believes that the video is truly haunted and has a curse that will unlikely happen if you make the wrong choice on finding it.

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