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Saturday, January 3, 2015

14-Month Old Baby Plays With Giant Python

It is common knowledge that most people don't have the courage to bond or play with snakes. Most especially if it's small children, There's something in snakes that gives then the creepy feeling. That's why knowing there are people who are fond of taking care of snakes as their pets really amazes us. But would you let your young child play with a giant snake? A video of a 14-month old baby girl is getting attention not only for her cuteness but also because she is playing with a giant python comfortably.

Meet the 14-month old baby Alyssa Guarino, The adorable baby who loves playing with their Burmese python named Nay-Nay. Nay-Nay is already 10 years old. People are wondering how can the parents of Alyssa lets her to play with the giant snake. The father of Alyssa, Jamie Guarino explained why they are comfortable with their python as a pet. Jamie has worked as a snake handler his entire life. 

Jamie prefers snakes as pets rather than having the usual dogs or cats. He believes that snakes are fun to be with and it's only a matter of time to know how to take care of  them and be safe around them.

At a young age of 16, Jamie spent his life working with snakes. That's why Jamie's daughters were also exposed to snakes on their home and they did not have any issues on co-existing with the snakes on their home. He wants to prove to people that instead of being scared to snakes, snakes can also be great, fun and very affectionate family pets. He wants to open an exotic reptile zoo with his two daughters.

Watch the video here:

source: the daily record

It's truly amazing to see a family being able to get along with their snake pets very easily, But, we still need to know how snakes behave just like what Jamie has known for a long time before we decide on having snakes as pets.

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