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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ghosts or spirits are always tagged as sinister entities that will cause wrath to everyone they want to haunt. But what if a certain spirit aims to protect a human being from impending tragedies? Could this be possible to happen?

A video which shows an old man crossing the street amidst the dangers of meeting an accident due to cars on his way has gone viral due to a mysterious spirit that's been following him. It was then debated by people who have seen the video whether the old man is being haunted by the spirit and is eventually getting possessed by it or the spirit is actually making sure that the old man crosses the street safely.

Be the one to decide when you see the video. Watch the video here:

Friday, April 3, 2015

Rainford, Merseyside, England - A video which depicts a group of unidentifiable lights came viral. The resident named George Hunter claims that through his kitchen window, he noticed unusual bright lights in a triangular formation, pretty odd right? Hunter rushes outside to get a better look of the unusual bright lights, he then realized that it's better to take a video of it.
“I filmed the lights and zoomed in on them,  but only managed to get a short clip on my phone, as the lights suddenly shot off whilst I was filming them, very fast, and gone in less than a second. It was almost like something out of Star Trek moving at warp speed, I have never seen anything move that fast. I live roughly a mile from the town centre, I have no idea what the lights were, I am sure that this was no ordinary aircraft such as a plane or helicopter, it simply moved too fast and had no noise, plus I am pretty sure the object was much bigger than some everyday aircraft.” - George Hunter
Is this another case of UFO Sighting? Watch the video here:


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Homes are supposed to be our safe havens where we can relax and have awesome time. You can do all of those since it is a place where you know it is safe for you to move, right? But what would you do if there's a demonic entity lurking inside your home?

An Australian man uploaded a video footage of a demon that was inside his apartment. The man claims that he and his roommate initially heard sounds coming from the bathroom. He assumed that it was just a rat so he grabbed his cellphone to record a video as he went to investigate. But he did not know that he's in for a creepy surprise.He was shocked to see a mysterious creature that runs across the door way, laughing loudly in a sinister way.

Watch the video here:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

There were videos uploaded in the internet regarding the numerous appearances of flying humanoids. These creatures totally gave people a lot of speculations regarding their origins. Their descriptions also varies depending on the country they were spotted on. Just like in the newest video appearance of the flying humanoids.

March 6th, 2015 at exactly 6:15 p.m., a video shows what appears to be the infamous flying humanoid which hovers in the clouded skies above Madre de Dios, Peru. The intriguing figure was described to have a distinguishable head, arms, legs and trunk.

Watch the video here:

Aberdeen, South Dakota - A woman named Dana M. claims that there was a sinister sighting when her friends' house got burned down. Dana shared that her friend took few photos from her burning house as she watch her house burn down in flames.

Later that evening, dana's friend looked at her photos and got shocked when she realized that there's something unusual on her captured images. A human-shaped outline was seen standing in the roaring flames. She later connected the entity to her experiences in their home, she said that there was always a bad feeling inside the house, like it was a dwelling place for spirits.

In times of tragedies, is it possible for entities known to be so scary can pull up an apparition like this? Or is this another case pareidolia?