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Friday, July 31, 2015

There are numerous stories of finding love and romance through the help of the internet but this time a story of failed online romance will be tackled. A woman just attempted to kill herself not just once, but multiple times after meeting her online lover for the very first time. She was so devastated when she met her online lover for the first time. According to her mother, the lovers just met online and decided to be on a dating status, but they haven’t met until that day.

One night in a hotel in Heilongjiang province, police authorities found the online couple having arguments on the 7th floor of the hotel. The woman is obviously disappointed at her lover's appearance, ran to the balcony and stood with one leg over while shouting “You cheated me!” The police attempted to calm her down but they only got to separate the two lovers. Suddenly, the woman gobbled up several sleeping pills and slashed her wrist using a broken glass. Good thing that the police were able to stop her from doing self-harm.

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The woman's parents were apparently against their daughter meeting a man that she just met online. But they cannot do anything about it since she really fell in love and even traveled to meet her online beau, who is apparently 10 years older than her.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A creepy video involving a teenager filming his brother who's believed to be practicing for his upcoming school project comes up and terrified social media. The video shows that there might be an alien creature lurking through the window

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You can see on the video that the siblings’ dog is simply walking along the back of the couch as the one brother practices his speech. The dog sticks it’s head behind the blinds to retrieve its toy. As the dog turns around and jumps off the couch, the blinds begin to swing back and forth, which briefly reveals an alien creature staring through the window.


Some girls aspire to have a fair white skin, long hair and slender body like the famous Barbie doll. A lot of people have admitted of undergoing surgeries to get that distinct "Barbie" look. But what if you meet someone who has a genetic condition that makes her like a real life toy?

Meet Amber Guzman, 28, dubbed by some as the "Real Human Barbie". Amber has to be carried around and have her limbs moved like a toy as she has a body condition called muscular dystrophy which causes her muscles to waste away. The crippling genetic condition is the root cause of her being a real life Barbie doll. Muscular dystrophy progressively weakens and wastes the muscles. This condition also makes her unable to swallow food, that's why she have a very tiny frame. Muscular dystrophy currently has no cure. According to Amber, being compared to Barbie doll made her cope with her condition.
"A true living doll is what I am, not only in my looks but physically. Just like a doll needs help to move everything on its body to get around, I am the same way. Because of my muscular dystrophy, I always need to be picked up or set down in a seat just like a doll does. And it also makes me look skinny, which a lot of people say is like a Barbie too. I love being compared to a living doll. It is what I truly feel like I am now and I'm happy to be one. Being a doll has saved me. My parents put me into modelling when I was very young as people always referred to my looks as doll-like. Even when I walked around on the streets or in a shopping mall, people would stop and stare calling me a dolly girl. I also loved playing with Barbies and my mum would buy me lots of different ones." - Amber Guzman

At 18, Amber met her husband and moved in with him. She also started experiencing initial symptoms of the disease which is weakened arms and legs.
"I was so happy with my life when I met my husband but I started to realize something was going on with my body. It felt like I was wearing a weighted body suit all the time. My joints were weak and it felt like I had heavy weights on my arms and legs. I constantly needed help to move. I had to be picked up in order to get out of bed, seats and even the toilet. Walking became difficult too. I walk with someone holding one arm and with a cane in the other hand. I began going to the doctors and going through the long process of finding out what was the matter with me." - Amber Guzman

"The doctor told me what muscular dystrophy was and how few people, if any, survive long with it. I was scared. One day, suddenly something just snapped in me and I decided to change my life. I realized that my muscular dystrophy was turning me into a real living doll. Being unable to move more and more as the days go by can drive anyone crazy and cause them to get frustrated with themselves.But when I started seeing myself as a living doll who needs to be picked up all the time, it helps me to not be so sad and upset. I just see it as a transformation into the living doll. I loved Barbies so much as a child." - Amber Guzman

Amber also decided to start showing herself off to the world by uploading pictures and videos in Barbie outfits over the internet. In just 8 months, Amber gained almost 10,000 followers on social networks and she gets fan mail every week.
"I began dressing in a Dolly style wearing wigs and contact lenses and started posting videos online. I soon had fans writing to me telling me how they were inspired by me and how I was their role model. I have also gained two clothes sponsorship deals. I also use my videos to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy and show people with any illness that there is a life to live after a major diagnosis. I am the true living doll in every way possible. There's no one like me." - Amber Guzman

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An anonymous person from Queretaro, Mexico was able to capture proof of a fleet of glowing white orbs that's hovering over the sky during a lightning storm. The video shows that when each time a bolt of lightning appears, the orbs starts to glow intensely. It was explained by some theories that the objects were using the storm to recharge.

One of the reasons why the video is said to be real is that the orbs don’t appear to be air crafts like airplanes, helicopters, or even drones. Do you think that this video is not doctored? Watch the video and see for yourself.


Monday, July 27, 2015

There are times that we feel sad or depressed in life that we look for a place to vent our suppressed emotions, right? Like going to the mall, park or by even staying at home, you can go to those places to have an alone time if you don't feel like talking to anyone else. But there are places in this world that oddly have an ability to attract you in with the mystique and the beauty that they conjure. One of such particular place that we will be discussing in this article is dubbed as the suicide forest due to the fact that it is the second most popular in the world to take one’s life, the Aokigahara Forest.
Aokigahara (青木ヶ原?), also known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees (樹海 Jukai), is a 35-square-kilometre (14 sq mi) forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The forest contains a number of rocky, icy caverns, a few of which are popular tourist destinations. Aokigahara forest is dense, shutting out all but the natural sounds of the forest itself. - Wikipedia

Around 10-30 bodies were to be found every month in Aokigahara Forest. In certain areas, ropes were found to be hanging cut where the noose had been. The ones that decides to stay adds to the eerie feel of entities calling in the lost that are weak. The quiet atmosphere and seclusion of forest makes it the "ideal place" to commit suicide. To prevent further suicide occurences, there are signs posted throughout the forest in hopes, these signs would remind potential suicide takers of the sanctity and importance of life. Some shared that when you go to the forest, you can easily feel the loneliness and depression of the people who killed their own lives on that place, the sadness is too strong that it will affect you and somehow makes you feel to commit suicide. Some urban legends also say that the people who died there are looking for new people to commit suicide as well.
“I’ve seen plenty of bodies that have been really badly decomposed, or been picked at by wild animals… There’s nothing beautiful about dying in there” 

A documentary from a geologist and forest volunteer Azusa Hayano gives us a glimpse to the Aokigahara Forest and attempts to explain the impact of the belief regarding the forest. The video shows leavings of clothing, bottles of water, tents, and cut ropes that's gently swaying along the trunk of a tree.

Watch the Video Here:


source: playwithdeath.com

Saturday, July 25, 2015

An interesting footage that was captured by a man named Len Perry is making waves over social media platforms as it features a UFO. The video appears to show a white cigar-shaped aircraft hovering in the clear dusk skies over Arcata, California. Len, together with a woman named Tori, was able to spot the strange object while they were just hanging out.

After noticing the strange object, Len hurriedly pulled out his camera and began to film the object and in only about 30 seconds, the object mysteriously vanishes from sight. The two tried to relocate the object, but they failed to see it again.



Thursday, July 23, 2015

Do you sometimes feel the need to see your future? Do you want to see who will you end up your life with? Would you believe that on a certain month in a year, you may get to do it? But there's also a warning that people are telling the curious ones before doing it, what is it? You may get to see the DEVIL if you get unlucky while doing it. We will tackle the mysterious May Day belief.

May Day Eve; Revisited

May Day Eve is known to be an evening wherein you can perform supernatural activities and get the favorable results you wanted. It is also described as the perfect night to light a candle and look at your reflection in the mirror to catch a glimpse of your future partner. But if you want some thrill and you fear no one, then you can also do it to see the face of the devil. All you have to do is wait for the month of May and you will be able to perform the ritual. The eve of May 1 to be exact according to the legend. The term May Day Eve got more famous until Philippine National Artist Nick Joaquin used it as a title of a short story that depicts a the urban legend's tale.
"May Day Eve" is a short story written by Filipino National Artist Nick Joaquin. Written after World War II, it became one of Joaquin's “signature stories” that became a classic in Philippine literature in English. Together with Joaquin's other stories like The Mass of St. Sylvester, Doña Jeronima and Candido’s Apocalypse, May Day Eve utilized the theme of "magic realism" long before the genre was made a trend in Latin American novels. Published in 1947, it is a story originally intended for adult readers, but has later become a required and important reading material for Filipino students. - Wikipedia
The Story 

 The major characters in May Day Eve are Badoy, Agueda, Anastasia, Agueda's daughter, and Badoy's Grandson. Agueda and Badoy have different personalities. Agueda was described to be a bold, liberated, and a non-conformist young woman who was “ahead of her time”. While Badoy was characterized in the beginning as a promiscuous young man who wanted to prove his machismo, he realized that he was “deliriously in love” with Agueda. As Don Badoy Montiya visited his old home at Intramuros, Manila, memories of his youth came back. He recalled how he fell in love with Agueda, a young woman who resisted his advances. Agueda learned that she would be able to know her future husband by reciting an incantation in front of a mirror. As she recited the words: “Mirror, mirror, show to me him whose woman I will be,” Agueda saw Badoy. Badoy and Agueda got married. However, Don Badoy learned from his grandson that he was described by Doña Agueda (through their daughter) as a "devil". In return, Don Badoy told his grandson that every time he looks at the mirror, he only sees a "witch" (Agueda). Don Badoy ponders on love that had dissipated. The truth was revealed, Badoy and Agueda had a “bitter marriage”, which began in the past, during one evening in the month of May in 1847. The tragedy of the story is Badoy’s heart forgot how he loved Agueda in the past. They were not able to mend their broken marriage because their love was a “raging passion and nothing more” - Wikipedia
Other Beliefs

Did you also know that May Day is actually regarded as a holiday? Some people in the world celebrate May 1 as Labor Day. Other countries are known to celebrate May 1 as May day. There's also a belief that it was celebrated as a New Year, because it divides the year in half even though it should be in June, right? It is also known that the first rain from the month of May is considered to be Holy Water that it could cure some illnesses. Aside from the popular belief that May Day eve can bring you to see the face of your future husband/wife or even the devil, there are some beliefs that during May Day eve that you should avoid looking to any mirrors especially at midnight, most especially if you don't have plans of seeing your future lover. A lot believed that they should avoid the mirror during that time because it is said that the DEVIL may just appear any moment during that time and you will experience the terror brought by the devil.

July 2015 - a captured footage of a transparent/ghostly figure was taken at the Dreamwater Lounge in Warrington, England. The footage shows what seems to be a spectral figure lurking in a corridor. It can be seen on the video that the figure glides down the hallway before it disappears from sight.

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According to the Liverpool Echo report, Simon Ellison, the bar owner, shared his thoughts on the chilling CCTV footage:
“There is something there, moving along the rope bridge, but a lot of it has clearly been added. For one it is CCTV. It records all the time, not just because there is motion. Also it has a battery symbol in the corner and our CCTV runs from the mains. And the camera shaking is a nice touch. I am not sure what the moving figure is. Everyone has different ideas. Some say it is a woman, I have even seen people say they think it is someone on a horse. That makes me laugh because if you could see that bridge you would know you could never get a horse down there.”Simon Ellison
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Since the video leaked online, a lot of people believed that it is indeed a video that shows off a paranormal apparition. See for yourself and decide if this video is indeed real or just a hoax.



What would you do if you see an alien-lie or a humanoid creature outside your humble abode? Will you flee in terror or try to expose its existence to the whole world? A farmer from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico was able to capture a video of an alien creature outside his home. The farmer claims that it all started when he heard strange noises coming from the outside. He hurriedly grabbed his phone and began capturing the video as he went out to investigate the strange noises. He got the shock of his life as he panned the camera around, a slender creature crouched on the top of his roof appears.

The farmer and the humanoid creature stared at each other for a few moments before the creature realizes that it needs to flee and quickly crawls away. The shocked farmer also quickly runs back into his home in fear and ends the video recording.

The video had gone viral in Mexico as a local news show entitled “El Mañana” reported about this incident and analyzed the recording, the news show classified the video as an authentic recording for the video had no cuts, animations or transition effects.

According to the video description from YouTube: A video which apparently can be real, not editing is observed or alteration of pictures with animation ... A man who lives on a ranch , this being recorded on the roof of his house , without clothes , with features that no They belong to the human race , neck long end , too small head with long limbs

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Goblin Spotted Terrorizing A Girl

A video that shows of what seems to be a goblin creature is making rounds over the internet. The video shows a girl whose being videotaped by a young man. The girl was just hanging up on a balcony until she was told to go answer the phone.

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As she reaches for the phone through an open window, the goblin appears next to her, causing her to run away in terror.



Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nephilim Creature Spotted On Camera

A captured video of a Nephilim from an Australian expeditioner named Nick Malicki can be watched over the internet.  Nick refers to himself as “Nick Malachi ‘The Nephilim Hunter’, he was able to capture the video using his pole-mounted camera into a cave in Douglas Shire, Queensland.

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The interesting part started when he pans the camera upwards towards his left. Suddenly, a grey-colored humanoid creature can be seen sitting in a corner. Nobody even knew the creature was there until hours later when they got the chance to review the footage at home. According to Nick's estimates, the creature is about 10 feet (3.084 meters) when standing up.
“Normally I know the smell of these things, but one of the guys had a flaming torch so I couldn’t catch his sent over the kerosene.” - Nick Malachi
 The Nephilim /ˈnɛfɨˌlɪm/ (Hebrew: נפילים‎) were offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge according to Genesis 6:4; the name is also used in reference to giants who inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan according to Numbers 13:33. - Wikipedia

June 14th, 2015, at around 9:15 p.m., a video captured by a man named Tyler Pendleton shows three white orbs flying in a triangular formation in the skies above Rockland, Maine. Pendleton claims that he was only standing outside his house when he started to notice the strange objects. He initially thought thast they might’ve been planes. But what led him to believe that it is something of bizarre origin is the objects made no noise.

“Nobody can seem to explain what the image is. Nobody can explain it, so that’s one reason why I definitely think it’s a UFO.” - Tyler Pendleton 
“I think it’s probably not an alien spacecraft that’s come to visit us, but there could be any number of explanations, just the weather here on earth can get kinda crazy, so it could be any number of things and we definitely can’t make the leap to ‘Oh, it must be aliens.’” - Scott Mitchell, the director at the University of Maine’s Astronomy Center


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A group of young adults have decided to explore an abandoned building which was said to be a prominent figure during the Civil War era. The said building was hit by a cannonball that caused shocking number of casualties.

The group is seen to be wandering through the old yet haunting building. Suddenly, the group heard a faint whisper come from somewhere in the darkness. As the night goes on, the group hears more whispering followed by a deep growl. They then hear a voice whisper saying....
“Pray for me.”
The group, now covered with fear begins to search for an exit. The cameraman suddenly comes upon a figure standing in a doorway, the figure tells everyone to
“Get out”


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 5th, 2015 - Hector Garcia captured an interesting video of a UFO that's so strange as it can be seen as an object drifting through the skies above North Philadelphia. Hector said that he noticed a thin, translucent object when he went outside for a smoke. He immediately grabbed his phone to document this sighting on video. The object tumbles around as it makes a slow descent and ends with the object disappearing behind an apartment.

“As soon as I started recording, it starts to move, it comes down. So I zoomed in on it, and as I zoomed in on it, it starts to swerve. And starts to go to the side. And I’m still looking at it and I don’t know what it is. I was shocked.” - .” Hector Garcia to FOX 29

Ever since the video was uploaded to social media, a lot of speculations were made by online netizens such as the cloud is actually a camouflaged alien spacecraft. While some even theorized that it is just a soapsuds up in the sky. You decide when you see the video.


Witches, in popular culture are regarded as very horrifying and ruthless, someone that you should not mess around with because you might face the wrath of their evil powers. That's why it is so easy for some to be terrified when they get to see an actual proof of a witch's existence. Just like a video that scared a lot of people who have seen it.

It was taken by an amateur paranormal researcher named David Rojas who was exploring caves in Calacoaya, Mexico. He is investigating the mines after knowing the claims from locals that a flying entity had been spotted named as ‘La Bruja la Chusa’, which, according to legend, can transform into the form of a large bird. David reportedly heard a noise coming from outside one of cave’s many entrances. With his camera still rolling that time, he turned and saw a figure dressed in a dark cloak hovering off of the ground outside.

Watch the Video here:


Saturday, July 11, 2015

A teenager captured a video of what seems to be a juvenile Bigfoot. Yes, a juvenile bigfoot - who would have thought there's such juvenile versions of Bigfoot, right? The teen was Said to be out in the woods. He is seen highlighting the damage done by a certain tornado. But he suddenly gets more than what he is looking for. As the teen suddenly caughts the supposed Bigfoot as it starts to scream out loud and begins to run away.



A man who lives in Sao Jose, Santa Catarina, Brazil captured a footage of what appears to be a caped figure hovering high up in the sky. The video footage runs for nearly four minutes, it can be seen that the figure hovers in the sky until the cameraman suddenly looses sight of it.

The man tries to relocate it by adjusting his angles, but to no avail, the figure just had vanished into thin air without a trace.

Watch the video here

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A video that shows how a man is being possessed by what it seems to be as a ghost surfaces on social media and people who have seen it believes that it is indeed scary.

Some even pointed out that it could be shadow peoole who possessed the man.

Haunting Video of a Ghost Possessing a Man Goes Captured By Paranormal Researcher

A shadow person (also known as ashadow figure, shadow being or black mass) is the perception of a patch ofshadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other entity. - Wikipedia

The video came from Kerala, India. The family became so worried for their son’s well-being when he suddenly began to sleepwalk. They thoight that something supernatural could be the one to blame. This assumption led the family to hire services from a paranormal researcher. The paranormal researcher told them that a spirit might be possessing the young man while he's asleep. He later suggested to the family that they should record their son while he sleeps. The family unhesitatingly took his advice.

May 28th, just five minutes past midnight, the camera captured the chilling footage that shocked the whole family, it also confirmed the paranormal researchers' supposition. The video shows a shadowy yet transparent figure appearing near the back wall in the young man’s room. It walks over and climbs onto the bed. As it crawls over him, the figure suddenly vanishes and the man’s body then begins to convulse. Meaning to say, the entity already took over the man's body.



Monday, July 6, 2015

Man Captures Evidence of a Ghostly Skeletal Apparition

A woman named Alana C. believes that a picture taken by a friend of her’s, shows the image of a ghostly entity reflecting off of her television. Alana claims that her friend took this image of his girlfriend while lying on a futon. They just noticed the creepy addition to the photo when they got the picture developed. They shockingly noticed the reflection of the shadowy skeletal figure.

They claim that they saw nothing out of the ordinary when the picture was taken. Alana says that from that day on, her friend starts to sleep with the light on.

However, Alana’s friend decided to sleep with all the lights off. He reportedly woke up later that night and saw a figure float across his bedroom and disappear into his closet. The ghostly figure doesn’t appear to be a Photoshop edit or an optical illusion. This picture could be real and genuine.

Do you believe that this photo shows a genuine ghost apparition?
Voodoo Priest Accused of Having Sex with 11-year old Girl To Free Her From Evil Spirits

What would you do if your dear loved one is being possessed by evil spirits? Would you do anything it takes to help them? To the extent of allowing them be sexually harassed/assaulted? A mother of an 11-year old girl accuses a voodoo priest of having sex with her daughter in exchange of freeing her from the evil spirits. The voodoo priest told them that it is necessary in order for her daughter to be "cleansed" from the bad spirits that possessed her body.

Voodoo Priest Accused of Having Sex with 11-year old Girl To Free Her From Evil Spirits
Brogenet Cinor, Voodoo Priest

Brogenet Cinor, 48, allegedly convinced the 11-year old's mother that it would cure her of bad spirits. CBSMiami also reports that Cinor is alleged to have abused the girl and had looked for more possible sexual harassment victims. The police said that the girl’s mother took her to Cinor’s home five years ago. The case has only just come to light just now. The mother was made to stay in the house while He took the young girl to a shed in the back garden. He then allegedly told her to undress and have sex with her. He reportedly restrained the girl’s arms and wouldn’t allow her to get up. After carrying out the alleged abuse he gave her money,

The shed where the abuse took place
“He was using the victim’s belief in voodoo and curses and the fact that they believe that they could die if they did not follow his instructions,” - Cindi McCue, Sunrise police spokesman 
Brogenet's House

The girl told her mother what happened a few weeks later, and when she confronted the priest, he denied all accusations. He even went so far as to tell the mother than if she mentioned the allegations to anyone else, she would die as a consequence. During the police investigation, they also managed to contact two adult sisters, in their late 20s and early 30s, who had gone to Cinor for spiritual healing between 2008 and 2009. They both got pregnant and Cinor reportedly paid to have their pregnancies aborted. He even told them that if they tell anyone regarding their condition, they will die as a consequence.
“Our fear is that there may be many other victims who have not come forward, that we would like to be able to talk with, if there are other victims,” Cindi McCue, Sunrise police spokesman
Cinor was finally arrested on June 19th on a charge of sexual battery on a child.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Do you believe in haunting that's brought up by demonic entities? Can you believe that they find ways to make their presences felt and even documented for visual evidences? Well, a 42-year-old teacher from London may have the answer to those questions as he experienced something spooky while he was visiting relatives in Jamaica and captured a very bizarre image after taking a picture.

Here's the chilling photo of the alleged demon:

The teacher was just visiting his parents at a "haunted" house in Jamaica. The unexpectedly creepy image shows what family members believe as the demon of a disgruntled elderly relative. He said that he only took a picture of a painting on a wall in the house showing a scenic image of a waterfall. But when he looked at the captured image, he saw the 'demon' instead.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said:
"There was a wall with a painting on it and i thought that I would take a picture. I was looking at it and I thought 'what is that! Everybody in the house started screaming and running away. I have never seen anything like this. It is disgusting and has given me headaches."

The man's family are also convinced that it is actually a demon and says that their home in Jamaica is haunted. They believe that the demon is that of an elderly relative who was unhappy about being moved into a care home/home for the aged before her death.
"My family believe she has come back to haunt the house" 
The family got so shocked and scared with the photo to the point that they left the haunted house and looked for a place to rent for accommodation.
Family Claims Three Demons Molests Them in Their Sleep; Asks Ghostbusters and Vicar for Help

This article is all about a terrified family that's known to be attacked in the night by a disgruntled "incubus demon" that they have called in a paranormal expert for help to get rid of the malevolent spirit who molests them in their sleep. The Fry family claims that they have been molested by an evil demon/poltergeist for months already.

Mum Tracey, age 46, said that she is usually beaten up in the night by the demon which leaves her covered with a lot of bruises in the morning. Her husband Keiron, age 32, asked specialists to shoo away the demon from the house and even brought a "vicar" in to bless their cursed abode. Keiron took photos of the ghost in his sons' bedroom which he says shows a small child in a white gown with a blue face and a tail. Keiron firmly believes that the photo shows the demonic child.
(in the Roman Catholic Church) a representative or deputy of a bishop.
(in the Episcopal Church) a member of the clergy in charge of a chapel.
(in the Church of England) an incumbent of a parish where tithes formerly passed to a chapter or religious house or layman.
Family Claims Three Demons Molests Them in Their Sleep; Asks Ghostbusters and Vicar for Help

"We are being molested by demons. My wife goes to bed fine, doesn't feel anything in the night but when she wakes up she's in agony. I wake up the next day and said:'I didn't do that. I would never beat my wife'. - Keiron
"It's getting worse and worse and there's nothing we can do. I wake up every morning in agony because of the demon. My husband rubs cream into my bruised back every day but the pain doesn't go away. We were told by the paranormal investigator that we have an incubus demon - the worst type of demon you can get. He told us we have three demons in total, the other two helped the main demon pin me down. It has affected our marriage because we have been rowing and fighting all the time about the demon. It has been feeding off all the negative energy." - Tracy

Keiron got even more  alarmed after the terrorizing demon told his children: "I'm going to slit your parents' throats". It got worse as days go by that's why they needed paranormal expert for help. Robert Amour, age 43, who charges £100 for a three-hour house "clearance", arrived at the house with a bible and crucifix. He banned the terrorized family from going upstairs after he shouted to them that he could "feel the evilness in the room." After 20 minutes the psychic returned to the frightened family - claiming he had already slain two small demons. He reportedly struggled with the third demon - who is still terrorising the helpless Fry family. Church of Wales Vicar Johnathan Widdess has also visited the Frys to help them tackle the ghost.
"He invited us there and we spoke about what was going on. We said a prayer to try and help him."
The demon that has also been menacing the couple's three children, was summoned through a Ouija board in the house, Stepson Nicholas Bush, 23, used the ouija board which summoned the demon - and is now no longer on speaking terms with the Frys.