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Monday, September 28, 2015

Shemitah To Be Blamed For The “Final Warning” Dollar Collapse Imminency

The startling mystery of Shemitah is about the events revolving in America and around the world that were actually predicted to the time and date of occurrence. It was predicted that these revelations are based on the Torah and other ancient scriptures. In order to unlock these mysteries, one will have to know the five keys of Shemitah. The Shemitah mystery was brought to the spotlight even more as we reach the era wherein a lot of doomsday conspiracy theories arises.

And to make us more understand the Shemitah mystery and how it holds the fate of mankind, the man who has brought to the public the importance of Shemitah in his New York Time best selling book, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn reminded us that during the last two Shemitah years (2000-01 and 2007-8), we had record stock market collapses.

Rabbi Cahn firmly believes that the collapse of the dollar by the end of 2015 is  truly 100%. And to add more strange idea about the dollar's collapse, he said that the most important date this month for believers in the Shemitah’s effects is September 28th. This is the date of the last of four “blood moons” all occurring on Jewish feast days in the last year.  The last blood moon will be appearing in the early hours of September 28th during the Jewish festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles). A tetrad of blood moons all coinciding with Jewish festivals were only able to have occurred three times in the past thousand years. The Book of Joel contained a prophecy that "the coming of the Messiah will be preceded by a blood moon." Rabbi Cahn also believes that the Year of Jubilee could bring God’s judgment on America.


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