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Friday, October 30, 2015

An interesting part of the desert in Saudi Arabia, that's about 50 km from the city of Cairo in Egypt showed a startling discovery. An Italian researcher named Matteo Ianneo whose using Google Earth have observed a geometric structure and came up with a discovery with the help of his studies. It’s definitely not an old structure since it was built in 2009. Is this an ALIEN BASE?
What particularly impressed me, it is the particular form of this structure, which shows a particular geometric design. At first glance, this seems to present itself as an alien base what we see in the movies, I think it could be a military base, or of a sewage treatment plant, or a plant, or something archaeological, I know not well defined - CONSPIRACYCLUB.CO

What would you do if a certain video would cause you your own death after watching it? Have you watched the famous worldwide phenomenon The Ring? Well, it is about a cursed video tape that's being passed to innocent people and whoever watches it will die in 7 days. The video that we are discussing right now exactly has the same premise. The video is described to be a creepy black and white two-minute video. It has left viewers scared, baffled, and it even left some viewers dead after watching it. The video was linked to satanism.

The video features a masked person wearing a medieval plague-doctor costume located in a deserted building. Eerie and strange sounds accompanied with creepy symbols are flashed throughout the whole video to the viewers in a style that is reminiscent of horror movie The Ring. The video’s entitled – 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 – the title is said to be a binary code, and if googled or put into YouTube brings up a host of other weird video. It can be translated in Spanish, the title stands for DEATH. The included binary code gives another shocking message when deciphered, it translates to “You have one year or less”.

Computer nerds have also translated the screeching sound track into a visual representation which it is claimed reveals an image of a woman being tied up or tortured with the chilling message: “You are already dead.” And, when the audio from the DVD’s main menu is similarly displayed – using a spectrogram – it uncovers a picture of a skull. The video has been discussed on various sites.
Other speculations are that it is just a slick promo for an upcoming Halloween horror or computer game or just a bored internet nerd is behind the film.

Warning: Watch video below are your own risk

A shocking revelation about the Vatican Illuminati was exposed by Leo Lyon Zagami. He's connected to the Grand Master of the Ordo illuminatorum Universalis who are considered by many the good side of the Vatican Illuminati and is an official association and Order now based in Florence.  He is also an author, researcher and journalist from Rome and shares his experiences of the Illuminati & their plans for a NEW WORLD ORDER. He exposed the freemasonry, the illuminati, the bloodlines, Scotland and its likes to freemasonary and the knights templar, Aleister Crowley and his links to the NWO, satanic doctrine in the vatican, Putin & the NWO, Al-Baghdadi, the pope to resign in 2016 & a nuclear attack on the vatican.

Leo shared his extensive knowledge of the Catholic Church to get to the bottom of the almost satanic doctrine that is being practiced in the Vatican at this time. Also, he talks about Putin and their plans for a New World Order. Leo even made a prediction about Pope Francis since there is also a prophecy involving him and a potential nuclear attack on the Vatican on 2017.


Monday, October 26, 2015

A witness from Sandy, Utah was able to capture an interesting video about one of the most controversial topics of all time. What seems to be glowing blue object that was quietly hovering in the night sky of Utah was captured on video. The witness claims that their family watched the object as it slowly moved across the sky. People who have seen the video speculated that it was an alien spacecraft.

Upon watching back the footage on their computer, the witness claims that the object was directly over their home. They watched the flying object as it disappeared from the sky.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

A video that goes around the internet for awhile as it may have captured an eerie humanoid figure. The video was captured by a group of teenagers located in Mexico. The video shows a grey alien. The teenagers from the video can be seen having fun while hanging out until the cameraman notices a humanoid figure staring at them through the window.

The teenagers got scared and quickly goes out of the room as the said alien creature attempts to open their window. The video is still being heavily debated if its true or just a hoax.


Friday, October 23, 2015

What seems to be a peaceful night driving down the road turns out to be a scary one for a couple from Colorado. The couple was just driving down a dark road in Colorado when they suddenly hit something in the middle of the road. They were shocked with what happened but they initially thought it was only a deer. As the couple backed up their vehicle to make sure it wasn’t an animal, they were in for a shocking twist!

The woman grabbed a camera to capture a footage of the vehicle’s console as it displays a video from the rear-view camera. As they get closer to it, something suddenly gets up off the ground which reveals itself to be a large humanoid creature covered in dark hair. It was thought to be the legendary Bigfoot and it seems that it is ready to hunt down the couple as it starts chasing them.


Monday, October 19, 2015

It is believed by some that a lot of mysterious apparitions occur when there's a disaster is taking place. Who wouldn't forget the eerie images from the 9/11 terrorism event or the haunting images in the skies during Typhoon Haiyan? Well, this time a new apparition was spotted from a forest fire. A priest was able to capture a photo of the Virgin Mary during a forest wildfire. 

 A forest fire was burning through the San Sebastian region of Cauca, Columbia. Father Pito have captured an image with his cell phone of what looks to be the Virgin Mary.

Yes it’s true that you can see her image in the middle of the flames. Our father Pito took the photo, but he didn’t realise that she was there until he saw it in the camera, when the virgencita (little virgin) had appeared.” - One villager told local news 
This is good news for our area which is so dry in the summer, because the little virgin is going to illuminate us and she is going to help us get through this. For all of those who had to leave with their possessions, who are now on the street, in whatever way we can, we will move forward.

Another astonishing UFO sighting took place at Sao Paolo in Brazil. The said sighting was captured on video. The video shows a bronze pyramid UFO spaceship flying over at Sao Paolo and it generated fears from people who have witnessed it.

Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily shared his insights about the said sighting:
‘This shape of UFO has been recorded before in the past. For example, in Oct 5, 1996 a pilot over Pelotas, Brazil recorded a similar bronze pyramid shape in the sky and even flew around it as some smaller UFOs came out its top.’ - Scott Waring

Sunday, October 11, 2015

An interesting video taken from Cary, North Carolina shows what seems to be as a strange orb of light. At first glance, the witness who took the video thought it was the ISS, for it was moving at a slow rate from South to North at approximately 35 degrees above the horizon.  But the object began to move and disappeared into thin air.

The object reappeared shortly afterward. This allowed the said witness to capture a short clip of the object before it disappeared behind the treeline once again.


A video that shows a ghostly presence inside Baker Hotel resurfaces and this time, it intensifies how creepy and mysterious the said haunted hotel is. The Baker Hotel is a long-shuttered hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. The Baker Hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Once a very lavish hotel, the huge Baker was the site of many wonderful times. Set in the backdrop of the bustling early twentieth century, the Baker was a reflection of all that America was. The hotel, born at the beginning of the great depression, survived the financial hardships of the era to witness the greatest war mankind has ever seen. Becoming one of the state's most lavish resorts, the Baker built a magnificent reputation that attracted people from all walks of life for one reason or another. One may find the history of the grand old hotel very interesting. That history could well be a key to some of its permanent guests. - texasescapes.com

The video was captured through a paranormal investigation on Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. Michelle DePaul of “Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research”, believes that they may have captured evidence of a ghost presence lurking in the shadows. The video briefly shows a faint figure appearing out from behind a pillar in the lobby.


For some people, traffic is truly terrifying as it will test your patience. Why? Simply because you might stay on the road for long hours due to the heavy jam of cars going the same route or direction. But what seemed to be usual traffic episode turned out to be a creepy one as a CCTV camera in Bangalore, India was able to capture a video footage of what appears to be a ghostly apparition.

It can be seen in the video that the figure manifests on the sidewalk near a busy road and suddenly walks into oncoming traffic. Various cars and cyclists all pass directly through the ghostly figure. To see is to believe but one thing's for sure, the video will truly give you some goosebumps.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

For years, a lot of conspiracy theories show up revolving Tupac Shakur's death. There were theories saying that he was killed by the Illuminati. While other theories lead to informing us that he didn't die at all. Well, a new information from a former cop may bring light to Tupac's "death."

A retired police officer claims that 2Pac paid him off to help fake his own death. David Myers, who is in critical condition at a hospital according to The Mirror, wants to share this information.

“The world needs to know what I did. I’m ashamed that I let a price be put on my word and I cannot die without letting the world know,” 
Myers claims he was paid $1.5 million. He also said Suge Knight was heavily involved in executing the plan, as well as 30 other people who assisted, including police, medics and various witnesses. And if it doesn’t get any more bizarre, Myers claims ‘Pac paid $50,000 for a body to be taken to the morgue.