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Friday, October 23, 2015

Couple Being Chased by Bigfoot Caught on Video

What seems to be a peaceful night driving down the road turns out to be a scary one for a couple from Colorado. The couple was just driving down a dark road in Colorado when they suddenly hit something in the middle of the road. They were shocked with what happened but they initially thought it was only a deer. As the couple backed up their vehicle to make sure it wasn’t an animal, they were in for a shocking twist!

The woman grabbed a camera to capture a footage of the vehicle’s console as it displays a video from the rear-view camera. As they get closer to it, something suddenly gets up off the ground which reveals itself to be a large humanoid creature covered in dark hair. It was thought to be the legendary Bigfoot and it seems that it is ready to hunt down the couple as it starts chasing them.


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