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Monday, October 19, 2015

Priest Captures Picture of the ‘Virgin Mary’ in a Colombian Forest Fire

It is believed by some that a lot of mysterious apparitions occur when there's a disaster is taking place. Who wouldn't forget the eerie images from the 9/11 terrorism event or the haunting images in the skies during Typhoon Haiyan? Well, this time a new apparition was spotted from a forest fire. A priest was able to capture a photo of the Virgin Mary during a forest wildfire. 

 A forest fire was burning through the San Sebastian region of Cauca, Columbia. Father Pito have captured an image with his cell phone of what looks to be the Virgin Mary.

Yes it’s true that you can see her image in the middle of the flames. Our father Pito took the photo, but he didn’t realise that she was there until he saw it in the camera, when the virgencita (little virgin) had appeared.” - One villager told local news 
This is good news for our area which is so dry in the summer, because the little virgin is going to illuminate us and she is going to help us get through this. For all of those who had to leave with their possessions, who are now on the street, in whatever way we can, we will move forward.

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