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Friday, October 30, 2015

Vatican Illuminati, Satanism in the Doctrine and New World Order Exposed!

A shocking revelation about the Vatican Illuminati was exposed by Leo Lyon Zagami. He's connected to the Grand Master of the Ordo illuminatorum Universalis who are considered by many the good side of the Vatican Illuminati and is an official association and Order now based in Florence.  He is also an author, researcher and journalist from Rome and shares his experiences of the Illuminati & their plans for a NEW WORLD ORDER. He exposed the freemasonry, the illuminati, the bloodlines, Scotland and its likes to freemasonary and the knights templar, Aleister Crowley and his links to the NWO, satanic doctrine in the vatican, Putin & the NWO, Al-Baghdadi, the pope to resign in 2016 & a nuclear attack on the vatican.

Leo shared his extensive knowledge of the Catholic Church to get to the bottom of the almost satanic doctrine that is being practiced in the Vatican at this time. Also, he talks about Putin and their plans for a New World Order. Leo even made a prediction about Pope Francis since there is also a prophecy involving him and a potential nuclear attack on the Vatican on 2017.


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