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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cemeteries have this reputation of being spooky without even trying to be scary at all. The thought of staying in a place for the dead is enough for some people to feel frightened whenever they visit a cemetery. A video that is believed to show a female spirit kneeling in a cemetery will surely add to the reasons why people are scared of cemeteries.

The sepia toned video was captured by a person who was just walking through the cemetery.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

A thought provoking video was uploaded on YouTube and it generated a lot of intriguing responses. The video aims to warn the public regarding the coming year 2016. The said warning came from the elite society, Illuminati. Are you ready for what 2016 can bring to us?

Microchip implants (RFID) being implemented at stores across America. The RFID ‘Tattoo’ Chip will be mandatory for all citizens after the rapture. Obama will declare national martial law under the New World Order and their evil agenda. Do not take the RFID mark of the beast if you’re left behind after the rapture. It is better for you go hungry and starve to death rather than taking the mark 666. New World Order being implemented, Biometric database, mark of the beast! - beforeitsnews.com 


Thursday, November 26, 2015

What you are about to see in the video is going to be very disturbing in a sense that it would disrupt your opinion about what's going on in the world right now. It may fuel your mind to start questioning what governments and their media partners are plotting out events to become “news” these days. In the video, we will see a different light regarding the Paris Attacks. Is it really a false flag attack? In the video, anyone will be able to determine in an instant that the sounds caught on film were NOT actually caused by gunfire. It’s not even close, it is more likely coming from fireworks. And an alleged video during the Paris Attacks were here for viewing.

False Flag  
Historically the term "false flag" has its origins in naval warfare where the use of a flag other than the belligerent's true battle flag as a ruse de guerre, before engaging the enemy, has long been accepted but the contemporary term False flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may (by extension) be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation. - wikipedia

In the video, YouTube user HowISeeIt begins by sharing his doubt on how many people were truly even injured in the said terror attack in Paris. His speculations are getting stronger since we are now learning that the Paris attacks could easily be a guide in how to botch a false flag attack, HowISeeIt discusses another point by using a demonstration of gunfire vs. fireworks with the video from the Paris club where so many people allegedly died.

See it for yourself. Is the Paris Attacks a false flag attack?

Watch the VIDEO here:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A series of eerie images is believed by a lot of people to show a ghostly apparition that's dressed in a white gown standing at the end of a corridor inside Poole Hospital. It is located in Nunthorpe, England. The haunting image was captured back in the 1990s  and readers from a website quickly pointed out that an apparition was captured on camera.

GazetteLive posted the series of photos on their website, The creepy sanatorium originally opened in 1932 and closed it’s doors in 1989. During the 90′s, the place became a popular destination for ghost hunting individuals. Therefore, stories of haunting from the hospital proliferated the world.

Here are some of the creepy stories from the haunted hospital:
Stephanie Gott
Me and my friends went years ago.
It was all boarded up barring one window, so we decided to poke our heads in and have a look.
It gave us the creeps so we ran off.
The following day my nanna came round with some photos of my cousins who had moved away.
As I looked through them I saw an old photo of my nanna in her nurses uniform working at Poole Hospital!
She explained whereabouts the photo was taken and it was in the same room we poked our heads in the previous day....I found it really strange. 
Hannah Palfreeman
I had a strange experience here as a child whilst walking near the grounds with my dad.
Must have been early 90s and there was a very high fence all around the hospital yet we could hear (what sounded like) an old lady screaming and windows were being smashed and things thrown out of the windows.
My dad doesn’t believe in anything supernatural but even he said it was very strange.
Will never forget that!
I wonder if spooky things still happen now where the houses are? 
Joe Gowland
I used to walk the dog round there as a kid and go fishing with my net.
The grounds were absolutely beautiful - but yeah, the sight of a blonde haired woman in long grey hospital type gown in first floor window once when we passed was enough to imprint on my brain even almost 30 years later! 
David Rogers
I slept in there. Twice aged 14...well once and a half.
The second time we were so scared we moved the tent into the middle of the grass roundabout.
Those who were brave enough ventured inside - the mortuary was still in tact, the slab used for autopsies was still there.
Imagine kids having access to that now, they’d sue for emotional distress and go on Jeremy Kyle. 
Karen Hughes
Yep it definitely was haunted my ex boyfriend used to work nights in there 29 years ago.
He took me around for a walk was scary as. 
Lee Farren
Yes it was the most haunted scariest building I’ve ever been in - fact - and I’ve worked in some right scary dumps. 
Pamela Gair
I believe it was haunted.
I was only young when I visited my mam in there.
It was creepy - the hairs on the back of my neck used to stand on end. 
Norman Normski Willis
I was a guard on there when it closed and I personally heard noises during my shifts.
Some even saw things.
Quite scary.
I also worked old Hemlington Hospital that was meant to be haunted as well. 
Katrina Mendum
I live across the field from it.
I used to go inside the hospital all the time.
I have heard people cry inside the hospital and people walking about as if they’re still working. 
Caroline Stannard
My mum and dad were nurses there and my mum did see the ghost of Elsie who used to live there. 
Judith Pearson
I worked at Poole on G ward and it was haunted.
Many of the staff said they felt it was creepy! 
June Mcbride
Worked there. Very strange nights.

Monday, November 23, 2015

It was only a normal day for a hunter to go out scouting for the hunting season out in the Alpine Loop in Provo, Utah. But that's what it only seems as there's a mystery that's about to unfold in the eyes of a hunter. And luckily, he was able to capture a video footage of the encounter that he believes to be a real Sasquatch apparition. The hunter began filming after he saw an unknown creature duck into the brush.

After the Sasquatch reappeared, it bravely makes it’s way into the woods, where it vanishes into thin air. He tried to chase the creature but it is too fast for him to catch. There were allegations that the Sasquatch he captured on video was merely a person dressed in a costume while some believed that it is a real Sasquatch.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

ISIS Bombs Hidden Inside Dolls and Toys to Kill CHILDREN

The ISIS bombs were all hidden inside dolls and toys to kill CHILDREN as Iraqi military reveals that there were IEDs placed in toys by Islamists. It seems that ISIS wants to kill kids in the Middle East now too? It's like they already did it before but now they are specifically targeting kids. The shocking discovery is perceived as an evil act by the people all over the world.

Iraqi security forces were able to defuse and destroy 18 doll-bombs in Baghdad. The shocking bomb plot was set to target Shia Muslims on pilgrimage for the upcoming holiday. The dolls had been purposely filled with explosives before being dressed again as a "child-friendly" gift. The said act was dubbed as pure evil, Iraqi security forces in Baghdad were with 18 IEDs which had been hidden inside the hollow bodies of children's toys, before being dressed in doll clothes.

according to the Dailymail:
Iraqi security forces have seized more than a dozen booby trapped dolls which had been part of an ISIS bomb plot against Shia pilgrims.
Security forces in Baghdad defused and destroyed 18 IEDs which had been hidden inside the hollow bodies of children's toys, before being dressed in doll clothes.
ISIS had planned on scattering the doll-bombs on the road between the Iraqi capital and Karbala, where millions of Shia Muslims are set to walk during the annual pilgrimage for Arbaeen next month. 
Last year, the number of pilgrims in the city of Karbala commemorating Arbaeen reached a record 17.5 million.

Did ISIS just completely devoid of humanity?

Have you ever heard about the eerie tale of the Nam Koo Terrace? If you're a fan of Urban Legends, then probably reading this article will be worth it. We have heard a lot of creepy plots from urban legends all over the world but I honestly think that this urban legend is not that well-known despite its creepy elements.

This creepy urban legend will take us all the way to Hong Kong wherein there is an abandoned building that's called Nam Koo Terrace. One factor that makes this abandoned building a horror spot is that it hasn’t been renovated or redeveloped despite its prime location. The building is nearing to hundred years old and it was once owned by a rich family. The wealthy family was apparently forced to evacuate during World War II due to the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong. There were even rumors before that this building was used by the Japanese as a place for their ‘comfort women’ or local women who were forced into sexual slavery to service the Japanese troops. The remaining member of the wealthy family moved back to Hong Kong after the war, but died shortly after. It then led the ownership of the building to be transferred to other parties. The creepy thing about its current owner is that it has plans to demolish the building and replace it for a luxury hotel but for unknown reasons, this plan was never executed despite getting permit from the authorities to demolish it. They say that there are forces that guards the building which shoos away anyone who tries to destroy it that's why the said building is still standing strong today, and remains vacant, unused and feared of.

Locals usually referred to the building as a haunted house. they even theorized that the spirits of the comfort women who died there still remains in the building. There were also numerous accounts of people that hears ghostly screams and experiences seeing strange lights inside the house. One notable scary story from the building took place in the 1960s, a young girl was said to have come out of the house and started attacking the nearby police officers with extreme violence. It wasn’t the final time that something eerie occurred inside those four cornered walls.

In 2003, a group of eight teenage girls decided to put this ‘haunted’ idea to the test by going to the Nam Koo Terrace with the intention of spending the night there to have a glimpse of the supernatural. They apparently got exactly what they asked for, three of them were reported to have become extremely agitated whilst in the property, and one girl even had a psychotic break. The haunting had the girls panicking and fled out of the house. If you think that the haunting story of the eight girls ended there, think again. While most of the girls flees from the haunted building, there's this one girl who have stayed behind. This one girl had also been reported to have taken on a different personality and was speaking in a voice that didn’t sound like her usual voice. The police were called to rescue and when they tried to lead the girl off the property, she responded with an unusual force and violence. It even took two grown police officers to subdue the unhinged teenage girl, and later she along with two other distressed girls were sent to the hospital for further psychiatric treatment.

Over the years, there have also been a number of bodies that was shockingly found inside the house or on its grounds. There were even more than 30 reported suicides that have occurred around the Nam Koo terrace.Some of those bodies were even recovered from the rooms, and some were even needed to be cut down from trees in the garden. There were even claims from people who go inside the house to have had visions of a bloody drenched or decapitated woman and hear piercing shrieks.

Though there were some nonbelievers who tries to discount the fact about the terror of the said building, let me just clear that the story about the 8 teenage girls has been confirmed and it was even reported on various chinese news articles.

Friday, November 20, 2015

A man from Perth firmly believes that he has been able to capture an incredibly 100% evidence of a real ghost on video. It all became possible when his camera picked up a strange spectre moving around his front yard. In the chilling video that's uploaded to YouTube, a faint white apparition appears to dance about between a number of cars in the man’s yard before vanishing into thin air.

Ghostly Apparition Caught on Video Floating Between Cars in Perth Driveway

According to the video description from YouTube:
100% real ghost filmed in Perth front yard - Driver captures an eerie white figure floating past a group of cars in a quiet Perth parking lot - and he's '100 per cent' convinced it's a ghost

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The recent Paris attacks that took place last November 13, 2015 is still being talked about by the world. In fact, the global issue is getting massive as people and nation involved on the said terror attack have already aired their sides. But how would you feel if all of this chaos were all planted by a powerful and influential society? One startling discovery that could make us all question the REAL agenda of the said attack could be seen from a magazine cover that was released last January. "The Economist" released in January a seemingly cryptic cover entitled “The World in 2015” which featured several enigmatic images. Did the cover already predicted the highly talked about terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015? The said title would give you some eerie feeling, wait until you see the said cover and be ready to get blown away with what is the meaning of the said cover.

The lower right side of the magazine cover features cryptic symbols that could totally make sense today. On the cover. there’s a pile of dirt on the ground and two arrows on which are inscribed 11.5 and 11.3. Anyoner could think that those numbers could be dates to remember. Let me remind you that the attack took place in Paris on 11/13/15. Let's now rearrange those numbers in the arrows. 11.3 + 11.5 = 11/13/15, there you have it.

Vigilantcitizen explains and gives light to the January cover of The Economist:

In the wake of the horrifying Paris attacks which cost the lives of (at least) 120 innocent people, a specific cover of The Economist immediately came to mind.
Probably the most enigmatic part of the cover is the bottom right where we see two arrows with mysterious numbers, a pile of dirt and an old painting. Looking back at what happened this year, this portion of the cover becomes rather troubling. It is a little too prophetic. 
First, the painting next to the arrows is Leonardo Da Vinci’s La Belle Ferronière. That painting is currently located in the Louvre, in Paris.
Second, the numbers on the two arrows are 11.5 and 11.3The Paris attacks occurred 11/13/15. The digits on the arrows can therefore be rearranged to make up the date. The attack was claimed by ISIS. The Economist cover features an ISIS member holding a rifle. The cover also features French President François Hollande … looking the other way.

The media are already reporting that a discovered Paris terrorists had a Syrian passport on him and that Holland is considering the attacks as an act of war. To make it short, after guilting Western countries into accepting thousands of Syrian refugees, an Islamist attack was planned to obviously cause fear, hatred and distrust towards Muslims in those very countries. Are we really delving through the darkest time of our lives? Your guess is as good as mine.

Monday, November 16, 2015

What would you do if something creepy happens while you were just enjoying a musical performance? Would you try to ignore it and forget about it? Or would you run away and escape the terror? Well, a singer had a first hand experience with that situation. The eerie incident happened during a singer’s live onstage performance on a TV singing show.

Shockingly, a viewer at home noticed a ghostly figure appearing from behind the backstage curtains. The video shows the moment the ghost makes its appearance behind the singer.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Russia Claims That Friday 13th Paris Attacks is ‘A Masonic Ritual For World War 3′

The whole world was greeted by a shocking tragedy that took place in the city of lights - Paris. A lot of people around the world showed sympathy and offered prayers to the victims and loved ones of the Paris shootings. The latest tragedy only did not make the people feel sad, it also made them scared for our world's future. What makes it more eerie is the known fact that the shootings did happened on November 13, 2015 - Friday the 13th. It is now being speculated that the said attack was a"MASONIC RITUAL for WORLD WAR 3". A new report by the Russian Ministry of Defence on Saturday stated that the Friday 13th Paris attacks can be likened to a “ritual massacre” perfectly planned by a secretive cabal of Freemasons who wish to begin World War 3.  The report says that members of the CIA, DGSE (French intelligence), MI6, Israeli intelligence, and even the Vatican were part of an orchestrated plan to commit the (false flag) Paris “terrorist” attacks to initiate a bigger agenda.

The plot was discovered by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) in Russia on 27th October from a secretive meeting in Washing D.C. attended by the Director of the CIA, John Brennan, and DGSE Director Bernard Bajolet.

Here's a report from Whatdoesitmean.com:

The overt purpose for this extraordinary meeting of the West’s top intelligence masterminds, this report continues, was their public discussion at an event called the CIA-GW Intelligence Conference: Panel on The Shared 21st Century International Mission where the future of the Middle East (at least from the Western perspective) was being determined. 
The covert reason, however, for this meeting, this report says, was “revealed/discovered” by the GRU when these spy masterminds met in secret after their conference at the home of US Vice President Joseph Biden, who is the top Roman Catholic Jesuit (Society of Jesus) holding power in America today, and presided over by CIA Director John Brennan who, like Vice President Biden, is a Jesuit-trained intelligence analyst with an interest in Just War theory. 
Immediately after this 27 October meeting of these Western spy chiefs with Vice President Biden, this report states, the initial GRU report filed with the MoD about it “warned/strongly suggested” that the Jesuit-Masonic makeup of these “cabal/plotters” could not rule out a retaliatory strike against the Federation organized by this group on 13 November as these secretive organizations frequently, if not always, “schedule/plan” their false-flag massacres to coincide with “important/mystical” dates important to them. 
Important to note is that unlike many of its other national counterparts, the Federation devotes an enormous amount of monetary and intellectual resources to what is called “esoteric/satanic/religious” intelligence due to their experiences in the Great Patriotic War (World War II) against the German Nazi Empire—a war fought not only against armies, but against the “unknown/unseen” forces behind that monstrous regime. 
Especially alarming about the 27 October meeting of these spy chiefs in Washington D.C., this report continues, was DGSE Director Bernard Bajolet stating afterwards that the Federation protected nation of Syria “will be different from what had been established after World War II”—which in turn led the GRU to warn the MoD that the Freemasons “Master Magic numbers of 11 and 13” were now in play. 
And exactly as the GRU had warned, yesterday, 13 November, the latest of the West’s “ritual massacres” intended to remake the entire world into their image occurred in Paris when Western-backed Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists led a coordinated attack against 6 defenseless targets killing at least 128 and wounding 180 more with 99 of the survivors being reported in critical condition. 

The significance of these Freemason-Jesuit plotters exacting yesterday’s Friday the 13th massacre on Paris, this report explains, is due to their secretive organizations banishment, arresting and outlawing of all of their members on Friday the 13 October 1307 against their declaration of innocence, and the subsequent burning at the stake of their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral seven years later on Friday 13 March 1314. 
The burning at the stake of their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, 
Critical to note too, this report says, are that previous GRU warnings had been issued in 2013 that the Freemason-Jesuits would take revenge for the killing of their Grand Master after the election to the Roman Catholic Papacy of Pope Francis (the first Jesuit to be installed as Pope in the Church’s entire history) on 13 March of that year—699 years to the date after the fiery execution of Jacques de Molay in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, and in spite of the fact that Jesuits are bound by oath not to seek higher office in the Roman Catholic Church due to their past association with the Freemasons.
To the “identical/connection” between the Jesuits and Freemasons, this report further explains, was first documented by the United States Congress in 1913 [Congressional Record, House Bill 1523, Contested election case of Eugene C. Bonniwell, against Thos. S. Butler, February 15, 1913, pages 3215-3216] when the oaths taken by each of these secretive organizations were discovered to be nearly exactly the same in their members pledging their allegiance to their cause against any and all governments or nations:
Pledge of the Jesuits 
I, ……….., now, in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed Michael the Archangel, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul and all the saints and sacred hosts of heaven, and to you, my ghostly father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in the Pontificate of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear, that his holiness the Pope is Christ’s Vice-regent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths and governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation and that they may safely be destroyed. 
Pledge of the Freemasons (associated Freemason organizations and Rhode Scholars take this pledge too) 
I, …………, now in the presence of Almighty God, the blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the Holy Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, and all the saints, sacred host of heaven, and to you, my Ghostly Father, the superior general of the Society of Jesus rounded by St. Ignatius Loyola, in the pontification of Paul the III and continued to the present, do by the womb at the Virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear that His Holiness the Pope, is Christ’s vice regent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by virtue of the keys of binding and loosing given His Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, States, Commonwealths, and Governments and they may be safely destroyed. Therefore to the utmost of ray power I will defend this doctrine and His Holiness’s right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran Church of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and the now pretended authority and Churches of England and Scotland, and the branches of same now established in Ireland and on the Continent of America and elsewhere, and all adherents in regard that they may be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome. 
Jesuit-Freemason’s ultimate goal of causing World War III. 
Aside from the revenge factor being at play in yesterday’s Friday the 13th Paris massacre, this report continues, is it also being able to serve as the springboard for the Jesuit-Freemason’s ultimate goal of causing World War III.
To how this will be accomplished, this report says, and at least as these plotters hope it will, will be for France to declare yesterday’s Friday the 13th massacre as an act of war—which upon their doing so will bring into immediate force Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) treaty the French nation rejoined in 2009 after a 43 year absence. 
Article 5 of the NATO treaty, this report explains, says that the response to an attack on any member may include armed force, but it does not mandate it. All that NATO actually promises is to take “such action as it deems necessary” to restore and maintain security. That could be anything from nuclear war to a stiff diplomatic protest. 
The only time Article 5 of the NATO treaty has ever been invoked in its entire history, this report further states, was on 12 September 2001 after the attacks on the United States—which remains in effect to today, but with France at the time not being member would necessitate histories second invocation of it so that France can legally (at least in the eyes of the West) engage in total global war with its allies.
The policy of containment 
With French President Francois Hollande declaring today that this Friday the 13th massacre is, indeed, an “act of war” perpetrated by the Islamic State, MoD expert analysts in this report say, and with ISIS, likewise,claiming responsibility, the French have now vowed a “merciless response” setting the stage for a direct military confrontation with the Federation. 
And even though the Foreign Ministry has warned against early conclusions regarding reasons and objectives the terrorists had in Paris; as all information should come from investigators, this report notes, the Western propaganda press has now gone into “high gear” pushing their citizens toward war. 

As the Federation, since 30 September, has been bombing the Islamic State and its terrorist allies into oblivion, the greatest fear of these Jesuit-Freemason plotters, this report warns, is that their not so secret support of these barbarians with weapons and resources will become more apparent to the world unmasking these monsters and revealing who they really are—and with that what their global agenda is too.
But with doing as the Foreign Ministry says they should do, this report concludes, the true motives of this Friday the 13th massacre will, likewise, be revealed for what it truly is—and which President Obama himself agrees with as just the day prior to this attack, 12 October, he rightfully noted that the Islamic State was not getting stronger and has now been contained. 
To the final outcome of this great tragedy this report doesn’t speculate upon—but one can hope that the real truth of this massacre becomes more widely known before, and as always, these warmongers plunge our world into total war.

Friday, November 13, 2015

By now, it is expected that you already have heard about the terrifying events that's transpiring in Paris, France. The whole world woke up to the horrible news wherein over 150 people have been shot dead and many others got wounded by the ISIS terrorists which attacked multiple locations including a sports arena, a restaurant, a concert hall, a bar and other locations. What a terrifying attack undeniably disturbing and sickening,sincerest sympathy and prayers goes out to the families who have lost a loved one in this terrifying attack. But, is this attack just a pure coincidence? The attack happened on Friday the 13th - well-known as a mystical and magical number in mythology, the occult, mysteries and ancient history. Is this attack a mass sacrifice for the occult? Take note, the attack happened also before the Paris Summit? What's the real agenda behind this attack?

Some people already believes that this is a planned event due to many coincidences and agendas at play that exactly fits into the hands of the New World Order elite. A video discusses at least three coincidences that will literally have you questing everything, it would make sense on why the attack happened on Friday the 13th.



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The people of South Africa’s capital, Cape Town could have easily mistaken the strange looking clouds for an eerie alien invasion. The strange clouds appeared over the South African city late on Sunday afternoon.

But before it can cause panic all over the world, it turned out that the strange-looking clouds perceived as UFO’s were actually not harboring any alien crafts within them. They were only water droplets condensed into the shape of lenticular clouds.

According to LBC Radio:
The lenticular clouds appeared over the South African city late on Sunday afternoon and photographer Kyle Mijlof was among those capturing the scene, which he described as “unbelievable”.
Mr Mijlof told Sky News the clouds started forming over Table Mountain – about five miles from the city – at around 3pm and his picture was taken three hours later as the formation peaked.UFO clouds
He added: “Honestly, the whole skyline that day was unbelievable and a bit of an eerie stillness in the air. I was on my scooter at the time, driving along Signal Hill back home to Camps Bay, I stopped to get this quick shot – I still had my helmet on.”
Mr Mijlof said he has seen similar clouds during his travels elsewhere in the world but not in Cape Town.

They say that no one has the power to know what the future will bring and we just need to go with the flow of life. But what if a certain animated show actually holds the shocking revelations about our future? Would you gladly accept your fate or shrug it off? Well, a cartoon is believed to be able to predict the future more than 60 years ago. Yes, the cartoon was from the 1940s and up until this time, the revelation on the said cartoon is so powerful and shocking! The said video will surely make you think about what the future may hold for us.

The cartoon depicts how quickly people will give up their freedom for the illusion of security, and the false hope of prosperity by getting controlled by the government. This cartoon is pointing out how everyone of us should be aware of the ulterior motives and hidden agendas of any individual, organization, or administration. As it may attempt to accentuate class or race warfare in order to divide the country, in that case, socialism will most likely appear to be the only solution.

According to the YouTube video description:
This cartoon predicts the future more than 60 years ago. You won't see anything like this taught in schools today.  If you like political cartoons with insight, this is one of the best ever made. If you worry this country is losing freedoms by the day, you are not alone. They tried to warn us in this political cartoon 60 years ago. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Are you one of those people who does not like going to the woods? There might be something spooky on the aura of the woods that makes people feel uncomfortable going into it. Well, this video may add to the reasons why you would not want to spend your free time in the woods. An eerie video was reportedly captured in an unidentified wooded area. The video depicts a dark, ghastly and shadowy entity standing behind a tree.

The creepiness doesn't end there as the entity suddenly hovers off the ground and quickly shoots up into thin air, What do you think about the entity? Is it a real apparition or just a good product of photoshop?


Monday, November 9, 2015

What a peaceful get together between friends turned out to be a chilling one as an uninvited guest shows up to stir fear. The small group of friends were just hanging out with each other when they captured a video of small humanoid creature, a goblin-looking creature hiding behind a seemingly normal concrete block fence. The eerie creature can be seen peeking out from behind the fence. Once the video camera pans on its direction, the creature quickly runs back behind the cover.

The person filming the said video just realized that the creature escaped the videotaping of its appearance. Ever since the video came out, people were just debating whether it is a work of imagination, computer edited or just a proof that creatures like that do exist. Is this a genuine supernatural creature or a perfect hoax?


The world of entertainment would not be complete without movies and when we talk about movies, there are some movies that were able to leave a mark in our minds and hearts. It could be a story of adventure, love, horror, comedy or whatsoever as long as you find yourself living in the moment with that film, then you can say that you are in for a good ride, right? One movie that we could label as an ICONIC and RECORD-BREAKING would be TITANIC, It is an epic romantic disaster film inspired from the unfortunate events when RMS Titanic sinked. If you have watched the film, you would wonder what happened when the ship was sinking back then? A documentary was able to show how it is to relive the final moments of Titanic.

Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning of 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK, to New York City, US. The sinking resulted in the loss of more than 1,500 passengers and crew, making it one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. - Wikipedia
 According to www.documentaryaddict.com:

They said they found long strips of metal. Unfortunately, the submersible's camera equipment malfunctioned and they had no proof of what they saw. But this set in motion a new theory. Maybe these long strips were from the bottom of the ship. If so, then Titanic just didn't graze the side of the iceberg, but it actually ran over part of the iceberg too. We learn that an iceberg does not go straight down below the water (like a cliff); instead, the water causes the iceberg to form a shelf below the water.

Hence, it's now theorized that Titanic somewhat ran aground on the iceberg. If so, in addition to the gashes on the side, maybe there was also significant damage on the bottom, explaining how the ship sank in less than three hours. If that were true, it could also explain why the front of the ship is relatively intact while the stern is crushed upon itself.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

The widely discussed story from 2007 that's about a creature found in Mexico that's assumed to be an alien baby reached another shocking revelation after 8 years! It was debated before if it was really an alien baby or it is just a part of an elaborate hoax. The shocking revelation to be added to this mystery would be the mysterious death of the person who discovered the creature back in 2007. Theory suggests that the alien baby was the cause of the death of the person who found it - a mysterious revenge death theory is brewing.

Mexican TV showed the unbelievable story as a farmer found the said creature. The farmer drowned the creature in a ditch out of fear. The scientists now have finally been able to announce the results of their tests on this carcass. The farmer named Marao Lopez, handed the corpse over to a group of university scientists who carried out the DNA tests and scans. He reported that it took him three attempts to drown the creature. The following tests revealed that the creature's origin that is unknown to scientists. The skeleton has characteristics of a lizard, its teeth do not have any roots like humans and it can stay underwater for a long time but it did have some similar joints to humans. Its brain was huge leading the scientists to the conclusion that the odd creature was highly smart.

In a shocking twist of fate, another mystery is attached to its creature, Lopez has since mysteriously died. According to American UFO expert Joshua P. Warren, the farmer burned to death in a parked car at the side of a road. The flames apparently had a far higher temperature than in a normal fire! Now there are rumours that the parents of the creature Lopez drowned were the ones who in turn killed him out of revenge. Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan was the first to break the story. He claimed it was not a hoax. Farmers also told him that there was a second creature but it ran away when they approached.