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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ghost Inside England’s Poole Hospital Captured on Camera

A series of eerie images is believed by a lot of people to show a ghostly apparition that's dressed in a white gown standing at the end of a corridor inside Poole Hospital. It is located in Nunthorpe, England. The haunting image was captured back in the 1990s  and readers from a website quickly pointed out that an apparition was captured on camera.

GazetteLive posted the series of photos on their website, The creepy sanatorium originally opened in 1932 and closed it’s doors in 1989. During the 90′s, the place became a popular destination for ghost hunting individuals. Therefore, stories of haunting from the hospital proliferated the world.

Here are some of the creepy stories from the haunted hospital:
Stephanie Gott
Me and my friends went years ago.
It was all boarded up barring one window, so we decided to poke our heads in and have a look.
It gave us the creeps so we ran off.
The following day my nanna came round with some photos of my cousins who had moved away.
As I looked through them I saw an old photo of my nanna in her nurses uniform working at Poole Hospital!
She explained whereabouts the photo was taken and it was in the same room we poked our heads in the previous day....I found it really strange. 
Hannah Palfreeman
I had a strange experience here as a child whilst walking near the grounds with my dad.
Must have been early 90s and there was a very high fence all around the hospital yet we could hear (what sounded like) an old lady screaming and windows were being smashed and things thrown out of the windows.
My dad doesn’t believe in anything supernatural but even he said it was very strange.
Will never forget that!
I wonder if spooky things still happen now where the houses are? 
Joe Gowland
I used to walk the dog round there as a kid and go fishing with my net.
The grounds were absolutely beautiful - but yeah, the sight of a blonde haired woman in long grey hospital type gown in first floor window once when we passed was enough to imprint on my brain even almost 30 years later! 
David Rogers
I slept in there. Twice aged 14...well once and a half.
The second time we were so scared we moved the tent into the middle of the grass roundabout.
Those who were brave enough ventured inside - the mortuary was still in tact, the slab used for autopsies was still there.
Imagine kids having access to that now, they’d sue for emotional distress and go on Jeremy Kyle. 
Karen Hughes
Yep it definitely was haunted my ex boyfriend used to work nights in there 29 years ago.
He took me around for a walk was scary as. 
Lee Farren
Yes it was the most haunted scariest building I’ve ever been in - fact - and I’ve worked in some right scary dumps. 
Pamela Gair
I believe it was haunted.
I was only young when I visited my mam in there.
It was creepy - the hairs on the back of my neck used to stand on end. 
Norman Normski Willis
I was a guard on there when it closed and I personally heard noises during my shifts.
Some even saw things.
Quite scary.
I also worked old Hemlington Hospital that was meant to be haunted as well. 
Katrina Mendum
I live across the field from it.
I used to go inside the hospital all the time.
I have heard people cry inside the hospital and people walking about as if they’re still working. 
Caroline Stannard
My mum and dad were nurses there and my mum did see the ghost of Elsie who used to live there. 
Judith Pearson
I worked at Poole on G ward and it was haunted.
Many of the staff said they felt it was creepy! 
June Mcbride
Worked there. Very strange nights.

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