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Friday, November 6, 2015

Ghostly Face Appears In A York Tunnel Caught on Video

A video that was captured by two friends from York, England. They were on their way home after a night out and decided to film themselves goofing around as they made their way through a tunnel. Without them knowing that they were having contact with a presence from beyond the grave. At around 39 seconds into the video, the shocking reveal of the ghostly face staring at the two friends have been captured.

The video description from YouTube says:
This real Spooky video was filmed by 2 girls in a tunnel in york in leeming road after a night out on their way home, as they walk and film themselves on their mobile phone u can see in one shot down the tunnel that their appears to be some misty dark figure/object there, as they walk further down on the right of one of the girls (AT ABOUT 43 SECONDS IN)you can CLEALY see a GHOST next 2 her (YOU MAY NEED TO REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE CLIP TO SEE IT MORE CLEARLY AS WHEN DISPLAYED FULL SIZE IT CAN BE HARD TO SEE), I was sent this video by a friend , no idea how he got it , it looks genuine, but you decide, but it very SPOOKY !!!!


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