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Monday, November 23, 2015

Hunter Captures Video Footage of a Sasquatch in Utah

It was only a normal day for a hunter to go out scouting for the hunting season out in the Alpine Loop in Provo, Utah. But that's what it only seems as there's a mystery that's about to unfold in the eyes of a hunter. And luckily, he was able to capture a video footage of the encounter that he believes to be a real Sasquatch apparition. The hunter began filming after he saw an unknown creature duck into the brush.

After the Sasquatch reappeared, it bravely makes it’s way into the woods, where it vanishes into thin air. He tried to chase the creature but it is too fast for him to catch. There were allegations that the Sasquatch he captured on video was merely a person dressed in a costume while some believed that it is a real Sasquatch.


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