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Friday, November 6, 2015

Illuminati Wife Exposes the ILLUMINATI

An intriguing video interview from someone whose linked to the Illuminati shows up and it is described by viewers and truth seekers as a bombshell that exposes the society of the elite. Meet Kay Griggs, a former Marine colonel’s wife,  Griggs reveals the cold hard truth about military assassin squads, drug running, illegal weapon deals, and sexual perversion within the highest echelons of U.S. military and government. The wife of the Illuminati insider dropped a bombshell as she also revealed that her husband was a member of the Brotherhood that pervades the entire structure of the senior ranks of the Marine Corps, Army, and intelligence agencies. 

The mission of this said Brotherhood is to control drug trafficking worldwide through series of collaborations with drug lords, the Mafia, and other groups. She even exposed the manipulation of the world’s drug trade by the military began in the administration of Ronald Reagan. It was allegedly a part of the Iran/Contra conflict.

More intriguing revelations exposing the Illuminati can be seen from the video interview below.

Watch the VIDEO Here:



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