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Friday, November 13, 2015

Shocking Paris Terrorist Attacks on Friday 13th; A New World Order Ritual?

By now, it is expected that you already have heard about the terrifying events that's transpiring in Paris, France. The whole world woke up to the horrible news wherein over 150 people have been shot dead and many others got wounded by the ISIS terrorists which attacked multiple locations including a sports arena, a restaurant, a concert hall, a bar and other locations. What a terrifying attack undeniably disturbing and sickening,sincerest sympathy and prayers goes out to the families who have lost a loved one in this terrifying attack. But, is this attack just a pure coincidence? The attack happened on Friday the 13th - well-known as a mystical and magical number in mythology, the occult, mysteries and ancient history. Is this attack a mass sacrifice for the occult? Take note, the attack happened also before the Paris Summit? What's the real agenda behind this attack?

Some people already believes that this is a planned event due to many coincidences and agendas at play that exactly fits into the hands of the New World Order elite. A video discusses at least three coincidences that will literally have you questing everything, it would make sense on why the attack happened on Friday the 13th.



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