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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Terror of Nam Koo Terrace; Hong Kong's Most Haunted House

Have you ever heard about the eerie tale of the Nam Koo Terrace? If you're a fan of Urban Legends, then probably reading this article will be worth it. We have heard a lot of creepy plots from urban legends all over the world but I honestly think that this urban legend is not that well-known despite its creepy elements.

This creepy urban legend will take us all the way to Hong Kong wherein there is an abandoned building that's called Nam Koo Terrace. One factor that makes this abandoned building a horror spot is that it hasn’t been renovated or redeveloped despite its prime location. The building is nearing to hundred years old and it was once owned by a rich family. The wealthy family was apparently forced to evacuate during World War II due to the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong. There were even rumors before that this building was used by the Japanese as a place for their ‘comfort women’ or local women who were forced into sexual slavery to service the Japanese troops. The remaining member of the wealthy family moved back to Hong Kong after the war, but died shortly after. It then led the ownership of the building to be transferred to other parties. The creepy thing about its current owner is that it has plans to demolish the building and replace it for a luxury hotel but for unknown reasons, this plan was never executed despite getting permit from the authorities to demolish it. They say that there are forces that guards the building which shoos away anyone who tries to destroy it that's why the said building is still standing strong today, and remains vacant, unused and feared of.

Locals usually referred to the building as a haunted house. they even theorized that the spirits of the comfort women who died there still remains in the building. There were also numerous accounts of people that hears ghostly screams and experiences seeing strange lights inside the house. One notable scary story from the building took place in the 1960s, a young girl was said to have come out of the house and started attacking the nearby police officers with extreme violence. It wasn’t the final time that something eerie occurred inside those four cornered walls.

In 2003, a group of eight teenage girls decided to put this ‘haunted’ idea to the test by going to the Nam Koo Terrace with the intention of spending the night there to have a glimpse of the supernatural. They apparently got exactly what they asked for, three of them were reported to have become extremely agitated whilst in the property, and one girl even had a psychotic break. The haunting had the girls panicking and fled out of the house. If you think that the haunting story of the eight girls ended there, think again. While most of the girls flees from the haunted building, there's this one girl who have stayed behind. This one girl had also been reported to have taken on a different personality and was speaking in a voice that didn’t sound like her usual voice. The police were called to rescue and when they tried to lead the girl off the property, she responded with an unusual force and violence. It even took two grown police officers to subdue the unhinged teenage girl, and later she along with two other distressed girls were sent to the hospital for further psychiatric treatment.

Over the years, there have also been a number of bodies that was shockingly found inside the house or on its grounds. There were even more than 30 reported suicides that have occurred around the Nam Koo terrace.Some of those bodies were even recovered from the rooms, and some were even needed to be cut down from trees in the garden. There were even claims from people who go inside the house to have had visions of a bloody drenched or decapitated woman and hear piercing shrieks.

Though there were some nonbelievers who tries to discount the fact about the terror of the said building, let me just clear that the story about the 8 teenage girls has been confirmed and it was even reported on various chinese news articles.

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