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Monday, December 28, 2015

Two brothers got the shock of their lives as they were able to capture a footage of a humanoid creature that suddenly appeared before them. The brothers were just out in the woods for camping on Vancouver Island in British Columbia with their family. The creepy encounter started when the two brothers decided to go out for a hike. They brought a camera along with them as they go for a hike. Without knowing that they were to encounter something extraordinary that they could not explain.

The video shows a dark-haired humanoid creature. It was seen standing just ahead of the two brothers before it tries to walk away. The cameraman tried to run after the creature, but he was stopped by his brother. They decided to go back to their family. But the two brothers still made a return to where the encounter took place. They discovered large and  indistinguishable footprints.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

There are a lot of things that can go viral for some reasons as it can bring joy or agitate anyone but this new viral video is something that we haven't seen before. A two-minute video that was only known as 11B-X-1371 recently made waves online. The said video has an eerie, mysterious puzzle vibe into it. People speculated it as a message from the future or a warning of some sort. One thing is for sure though, this video is absolutely terrifying.

The eerie video opens in what appears to be an abandoned building in a forest. The figure in the film appears to move about the room while doing a number of nonsensical hand motions, all while distorted and disturbing sounds blare in the background. A number of codes, symbols, and equations also appear from time to time, though their meaning is unclear. The mystery behind 11B-X-1371 is so tantalizing. The video went viral after a copy was sent to Johnny Krahbichler of the Swedish site Gadgetzz.com. He's baffled by the film and what the online community found out is truly disturbing.

To start the creepiness, it was discovered that the binary message in the video’s description translated roughly to “Te queda 1 año menos,” which means “you have one year less.”

It gets even creepier as it was also discovered that the video’s soundtrack wasn’t just for effect and has a deeper meaning. The video’s audio file ran through a spectrogram, which creates a visual representation of sound, The spectrogram visualization revealed images of what appeared to be someone being tortured.

There’s also a line of text that reads, “You are already dead.” A frame-by-frame breakdown of the creepy video made a shocking reveal too. It has hidden lines of code. These characters turned out to be coordinates for the White House. Another frame reveals a line of Morse code that reads “REDLIPSLIKETENTH” or rearranged, “KILLTHEPRESIDENT.”


Friday, December 25, 2015

This news may not be the one you'd want to see while celebrating Christmas Eve. There's a lot of conspiracies regarding how humanity's fate will turn out in the future. And looks like Pope Francis himself gave us an eerie hint towards the future, He told crowds in St. Peter’s Square that this Christmas might be the last one for humanity. The Pope stated that the current chaotic status of the world marks the beginning of the “end times”.

“We are close to Christmas. There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes – all decked out – while the world continues to wage war,” - Pope Francis 

The Pontiff shared his views regarding the world's state in the coming next years.
“While the world starves, burns, and descends further into chaos, we should realize that this year’s Christmas celebrations for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last“. Unless the path to peace is recognized, we must weep for those innocent victims who grow by the day, and ask God for forgiveness. As Jesus and God weeps, I do too“.  - Pope Francis 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

As the year 2015 comes close to an end, it is just normal for everyone to look forward to the exciting new year. But would you still anticipate 2016 as a modern-day Nostradamus predicts the start of WORLD WAR III on 2016? The modern-day Nostradamus named Ricardo Salazar made waves as he predicted that the two powerful countries in the world today, China and Russia will start World War III in June 2016 after Europe closes its borders due to the migrant crisis.

Pastor Ricardo Salazar said that the world needs to brace itself for a very unsettling future from 2016 and for the years to come. He predicted that the world will also experience a devastating asteroid strike, followed by tsunami’s, earthquakes, and super volcano eruptions. All of these events was prophesied to unfold for 7 years before the second coming of Christ in 2023.

“We pray oh Lord that this video may awaken many people throughout the world about the judgement you are about to perform on the world. In this judgement our lord will be very severe against the pastors and false prophets who have lied to the church and given a false gospel. He will punish these religious leaders who have sought economic gain instead of preaching the gospel. It has been reveal to Pastor Salazar many of these past and false prophets will die during these disasters and they will replaced by others who are fearful of God and do his will."

A lot of people gets to know the Illuminati, its prominence and power in our world. And it seems like we are going to know more about the elite as a former Illuminati insider named Carolyn Hamlett reveals the shocking truth behind the Illuminati. Hamlett gets to expose the elite society as a satanist organization who worships and answers to Lucifer. Carolyn also revealed how the elite are preparing the world for the arrival of the Antichrist. It is believed that the Antichrist is slated to take control of the New World Order.

She further discussed the truth about mind control, child abuse, satanic rituals and more. The shocking revelation didn't end there as she gets to reveal a shocking information about how the Illuminati feels about Jesus Christ.

Hamlett shared that the ultimate goal of this organization is the enslavement of humanity and promote the destruction of the human race. The fallen angels are believed to be the masters of this conspiracy according to her. The fallen angels are known for deceiving humans into following a plan designed to lead to the end of mankind.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

A lot of us could say that when we think about Jesus Christ's imagery, we have that distinct long haired guy and remarkable facial bone structure. But it seems that we need to start forgetting what we think we know about what Jesus looked like because there's a huge possibility that we got his face all wrong. In a recent study conducted by a group of medical experts to recreate what Jesus Christ actually thinks he looked like by studying Semite skulls.

A retired medical artist named Richard Neave just came up with an illustration by showing curly black hair, a tanned complexion, and a wide face. It is firmly believed that he bears more of a resemblance to the looks of Middle Eastern Jews. A popular Mechanics even said that Dr Neave used forensic anthropology and the information he gathered from the Bible to get a more accurate view regarding Christ's aesthetics.

Christ is likely to have had short, curly hair. And to give the public a more realistic view, they also used a 3D reconstruction to create ‘slices’ of the skull and calculated what his skin should look like. They even built a cast of a skull which helped create a basis for muscle tissue. One thing that greatly showed how "wrong" our idea of Christ's look was his hair. It was decided that he has a short and curly hair which contradicts most depictions of Christ in various forms of media.

Paul wrote: ‘If a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him’.

Looks like Christmas Eve will start with a bang if it's really true that a massive asteroid that's flying by Earth on this year's Christmas Eve. This discovery has scientists on edge but NASA is downplaying any threats to human life and property that this asteroid may bring. Several conspiracy theorists and several experts claims that space rock 2003 SD220 is larger than believed.  Therefore, the possibility to cause deadly earthquakes and eruptions from dormant volcanoes is on the rise. NASA officials measures the Christmas Eve asteroid at about 1.5 miles wide and is moving at 5 miles per second.

“Little is known about the remaining 10 high-priority targets other than the absolute magnitudes and their heliocentric orbits that make six of them potentially hazardous to Earth. There is no scientific basis — not one shred of evidence — that an asteroid or any other celestial object will impact Earth on those dates. If there were any object large enough to do that type of destruction in September, we would have seen something of it by now." - Paul Chodas, manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Office 

Extraterrestrial collusion theorists are not convinced about the recent announcement that downplays the potential threats of its impact. There are also some beliefs that the asteroid is, at least, four times the size of Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System. It might fly by the planet within the year’s end and destroy all life forms due to its inescapable gravitational pull.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

With what's currently happening in our world right now, one can easily think that the end times or doomsday is coming near. Some even linked the recent events is in preparation for the coming of the third Antichrist. Many scholars have interpreted Nostradamus' prophecies over the years. The common consensus is that the first Anti-Christ, named Napaulon Roy was Napoleon, the second named Hister was Hitler and the third was named Mabus. We still need to figure out who this last Anti-Christ will be.
Century 2, Quatrain 62
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Century 8, Quatrain 77 
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.
With all the terror attacks around the globe, it's not hard to see how 27 years of Arab reprisals could take place. And how Suddam would become the Arabic martyr for revenge. His death may look like the solution to end all hostility's, but it could trigger decades of terror attacks. I think Suddam may get his chance to play the role of the Anti-Christ (Trickster) after all.

Numerous people are actually speculating that the End Times are coming now. With all things in our reality right now, will one day come to a screeching halt, is encoded within us. If you want to know more about the third Antichrist, watch the documentary below.


The year 2015 has been a year of shocking revelations. Numerous phenomena were discovered and secrets got revealed. This year also was the year for more shocking exposes for Bigfoot / Sasquatch. And one of its shocking appearances was unknowingly shot in a Reality TV Show. Some viewers got shocked while watching the second episode of the second season of the Canadian reality television show “Mantracker”. They noticed that something had been caught lurking in the background.

The viewer was able to record a video snap of their television. The clip shows the segment which shows a humanoid figure that briefly appears behind the episode’s contestants as they walked through the Alberta woodlands.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Mysterious Time Travelers from Other Dimensions Caught on Video

Through the years, people have been fascinated with the concept of travelling through time. Time travelling remains as a wonderful thought to most people since anyone of us have that certain point in our lives that we would like to go back to. But what if, time travelling can really be possible? A video was allegedly been able to prove that this concept does exist. Could it be possible that these people traveled from different forms of dimensions? varying planets where they exist?

Time travel is the concept of movement (often by a human) between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine. Time travel is a recognized concept in philosophy and fiction, but travel to an arbitrary point in time has a very limited support in theoretical physics, usually only in conjunction with quantum mechanics or Einstein–Rosen bridges. - wikipedia

The video compiled 5 various cases of time travelling. Number 4 in that line up is so intriguing especially with the stamps in the passport from Tokyo while the number 1 in the lineup topped the list for a reason!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LGBT is rightfully getting more recognition and acceptance from the world. Several personalities have come up and already showed support about it. But how far can you support it once you have heard this story that draw a lot of conflicting opinions. A Canadian transgender father left behind his wife and seven children to begin a new life as a six-year-old girl. Meet Stefonknee (pronounced ‘Stephanie’) Wolschtt, 46 years old, he had been married for 23 years already when she realized that she was transgender. She’s now living her life with an adoptive family, and says she does not “want to be an adult right now”.

“I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children. But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child, To me, ‘stop being trans’ isn’t something I could do, It would be like telling me to stop being 6ft 2 or leave.” - Stefonknee Wolschtt

Ms Wolschtt shared that her wife could not accept her as a transgender woman. She was even puit in a situation wherein he needs to decide to either “stop being trans or leave”. Ms Wolschtt left her family behind and now lives with her adoptive family, who she says are “totally comfortable with me being a little girl”. She shared how her new adoptive parents’ youngest granddaughter so wanted a little sister and came to decide that Ms Wolschtt should be younger than her.

“We have a great time. We colour, we do kid’s stuff, It’s called play therapy. No medication, no suicide thoughts. And I just get to play.”  - Stefonknee Wolschtt
Ms Wolschtt also shared her struggles in her early life, she became suicidal and was hospitalized a month after joining the first Toronto transgender march in 2009. After that, her wife accused her of harassment and assault. In 2012, her eldest daughter invited Ms Wolschtt to her wedding, but requested she “dress like her dad” and to sit at the back of the church and not address any members of the family.It prompted Ms Wolschtt to attempt suicide for the last time, but failed.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Researchers was able to capture a stunning discovery. It is said to be the proof of the existence of giants of old who would remain dormant but ALIVE. It was discovered inside of a tomb of 12,000 years old in Iran. Researchers Corey Coode and David Wilcock ensured that these findings correspond to an ancient race who settled on our world thousands of years ago .

Goode believes that there's a giant they found who died due to human interference. Some experts claimed that this is the twelfth century mummies.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Truth About NECROMICON; The Most Dangerous Book of Mankind

Many interested readers tried to locate a printed copy of a mysterious book, but they failed. The book they are looking for is “The Hidden Truth of The Necronomicon” and in all its versions it is considered by experts as one of the most dangerous books of mankind. It is believed that this book give out such horrible ideas and dark truths and leads its readers to madness and death. The book is also about dark spells and incantations that can create an unthinkable damage.

Howard Philips Lovecraft through his novels sparked such interest on the Necronomicon both his staunchest supporters, curious readers and scholars of the occult. He admitted that his Necronomicon Lovecraft was a work of fiction, but in his own biography of the Necronomicon in 1927, he made many deliberate mistakes that give clues about the truth behind the fiction of Lovecraft. Lovecraft said his Necronomicon was written in 700 AD by a mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred called on Damascus. The astrologer and writer Abu Ali al-Hasan was noted by many as the true author but the Jewish mystical Alhazen ben Joseph was also proposed.

During 1600, the English mystic John Dee ended his own English translation of the Necronomicon. The text was not published until after the death of Dee. Meric Casaubon primed the English translation of Dee in a very limited edition in 1651. In 1652 the Danish physician Ole Worm made a new impression Arnaldus in Germany. Another of the most popular versions is called Simon Necronomicon. Avon Books was founded in 1941 by News Corporation of America (ANC). Thus, in 1977 Avon Books published “Simon Necronomicon”. It is so titled because it was written by a man identified only as “Simon”. The strange thing about it was that the publication of Simon Necronomicon had no direct involvement with the writings of Lovecraft.

All known copies of the Necronomicon originals are kept locked and not available to the public.Several organizations and society for various reasons seek all copies of the book that is still in private hands. Any attempt to disseminate the contents of the Necronomicon has ended in tragedy because accidents are attributed to the curse that seems to accompany the book, still a big mystery all around the world Necronomicon.


Friday, December 11, 2015

As we go closer in closing the year 2015, it is just fair to know what others can foresee in the future of mankind. A famous Blind prophet named Baba Vanga makes the headlines once again for her chilling predictions for the year 2016 and beyond. Baba Vanga is  dubbed as the “Nostradamus from the Balkans”. And Baba Vanga's predictions is so hard to ignore as the predictions includes ISIS will conquer Europe by 2016, which in turn will transform Europe into a wasteland.

Prophet Baba Vanga died aged 85 in 1996, had foretold 9/11, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as predict the rise of ISIS all before they happened. Baba Vanga also claimed that Europe would be invaded by Muslims extremists in 2016 which would result in a catastrophic chemical warfare. According to Baba Vanga, Europe as we know it will “cease to exist” by the end of next year.

Before we discredit Baba Vanga's "gift", let's take a look at the previous predictions that have come true.

Predicted in the 1950s: Global warming and the 2004 Tsunami.

“Cold regions will become warm … and volcanoes will awaken. A huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water.”

“Everything will melt, just like ice.” 
Predicted in 1989: The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York’s Twin Towers.
“Horror, horror! The American brethren (believed to be a reference to the two ‘brother’ towers) will fall after being attacked by the steel birds (thought to be the two hijacked passenger planes). “The wolves will be howling in a bush (believed to be a reference to then US president George Bush) and innocent blood will gush.” 
Predicted in 1980: The sinking of Russian nuclear submarine the Kursk in 2000.
It saw the crew die horrible deaths over several days while international rescue crews tried in vain to retrieve the vessel from the depths of the ocean. Until the tragedy, people assumed the “Kursk” Vanga referred to was the Russian city the Kursk was named for.
“At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.”
 The election of Barack Obama.
Vanga reportedly correctly predicted that the 44th president of the United States would be African American. However, she also stated that he would be the “last US president”. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. - news.com.au
Sounds chilling, right? Well, let's just see if other predictions will also come true.

2016: “Muslims” will invade Europe, which will “cease to exist” as we know it. The ensuing campaign of destruction will last years, driving out populations and leaving the entire continent “almost empty”. 
2023: The Earth’s orbit will change (nobody really knows what this means). 
2025: The population of Europe will reach almost zero. 
2028: Mankind will fly to Venus, in hope of finding new sources of energy. 
2033: World water levels will rise as the polar ice caps melt (this is already happening). 
2043: Europe’s transformation into an Islamic caliphate is complete. Rome is named the capital. The world’s economy thrives under Muslim rule. 
2066: America will use a new climate change weapon for the first time in a bid to retake Rome and bring back Christianity. 
2076: Communism will return to Europe and the rest of the world. 
2084: Nature is reborn (nobody is really sure what this means). 
2100: Man-made sun illuminates the dark side of the planet (This is already in the pipeline — since 2008, scientists have been working on creating an artificial sun using nuclear fusion technology) 
2130: With the help of the aliens, civilisations will live underwater. 
2170: Major global drought. 
2187: Two large volcanic eruptions will be successfully stopped. 
2201: Temperatures drop as the sun’s thermonuclear processes slow down. 
2262: Planets will slowly change orbits. Mars will be threatened by a comet. 
2354: An accident on the artificial sun will result in more drought. 
2480: Two artificial suns will collide and leave the Earth in the dark. 
3005: A war on Mars will change the trajectory of the planet. 
3010: A comet will hit the moon. The Earth will be surrounded by a ring of rock and ash. 
3797: By this time, everything on Earth will die. However, human civilisation will be advanced enough to move to a new star system.  - news.com.au

Thursday, December 10, 2015

An alleged dead extraterrestrial humanoid was discovered on Mexico. The intriguing remains of the humanoid was found among other charred debris after a huge fireball exploded in the sky above Ichmul, Yucatan, in Mexico, the explosion was too strong that it caused power faults. The Yucatan Peninsula was hit by a huge asteroid that is believed to have struck 65 million years ago. This asteroid was believed to be the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs.

Large fragments were found which includes hollow bits of machinery.  Officials later claimed that test results showed that the material was found up of usual meteor composition.

“Now this was a such a powerful meteor that fell that power everywhere nearby blacked out, but I want to say this looks like ancient alien technology. Look at the body of what looks to be an alien skeleton drone, robot or space suit, because there is no way even an alien body could withstand falling from space and still look this good. The people who found it all over said they found “parts” all over the ground…they didn’t use the word pieces, which means they thought they looked like technology. It looks like the helmet for an alien or even more likely an alien robot." - Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily

To have a great quality time with your friends is one of the best things that anyone could experience. But what will you do if bonding with your friends leads you to a spooky adventure? Well, if you don't have an idea yet then this spooky footage will truly show you how terrifying it is to encounter something that even science can't explain. A group of friends was able to capture a video from Tuscany, Italy. The video was able to depict a group of friends that's gathered in a circle in the woods. As they play instruments in the dark, no one expected a terrifying surprise. Suddenly,the cameraman pans over to film the man to his left and the creepiness started to happen. They just saw a humanoid entity and it was captured on tape.

The cameraman notices a humanoid creature crouched behind his friend and it terrified him of course. The cameraman reacted by yelling out of fear which scared the creature and left in the process.