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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Alien Astronaut Shockingly Discovered by Russia: Project ISIS Exposed

Are you familiar with the KGB? KGB is known to be one of the world’s largest spy and state-security machine, it seems that the KGB also discovered a mummified ancient alien astronaut in 1961. The mission of Project ISIS included several Egyptologists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, scientists, and military experts. The secret Russian expedition that took place in Egypt in 1961 aims to “uncover” the “Tomb of the Visitor”.  It is firmly believed that Project ISIS was created in 1961 - the beginning of the Cold War arms race. According to historians and ufologists, the Russians were all worried  when they knew reports that the United States had obtained secret “alien technology” which was being studied to be re-engineered at Area 51.

There are claims that there is an actual video which reportedly documents a part of the top-secret project called “Project ISIS.” The video of the secret mission was shown to the public courtesy of a Russian intermediary who claims to have obtained it from the secret archives of the KGB.

It can be seen in the video which is in Black and White that a Soviet personnel seems to be recovering what appears to be a mummy of the Alien “Astronaut” from a sarcophagus which was located in a tomb from the Giza plateau. Russian soldiers can also be seen entering the tomb without any protective gear, but it all changed right after the sarcophagus of the “alien being” was opened, a huge cloud of “toxic” fumes rose causing the soldiers to retreat and dress in protective suits and gas masks.


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