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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Experts Reconstruct 3D Face Of Jesus Which Contradicts Depictions from the Past

A lot of us could say that when we think about Jesus Christ's imagery, we have that distinct long haired guy and remarkable facial bone structure. But it seems that we need to start forgetting what we think we know about what Jesus looked like because there's a huge possibility that we got his face all wrong. In a recent study conducted by a group of medical experts to recreate what Jesus Christ actually thinks he looked like by studying Semite skulls.

A retired medical artist named Richard Neave just came up with an illustration by showing curly black hair, a tanned complexion, and a wide face. It is firmly believed that he bears more of a resemblance to the looks of Middle Eastern Jews. A popular Mechanics even said that Dr Neave used forensic anthropology and the information he gathered from the Bible to get a more accurate view regarding Christ's aesthetics.

Christ is likely to have had short, curly hair. And to give the public a more realistic view, they also used a 3D reconstruction to create ‘slices’ of the skull and calculated what his skin should look like. They even built a cast of a skull which helped create a basis for muscle tissue. One thing that greatly showed how "wrong" our idea of Christ's look was his hair. It was decided that he has a short and curly hair which contradicts most depictions of Christ in various forms of media.

Paul wrote: ‘If a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him’.

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