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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Humanoid Creature Terrorizes Group of Friends in Italy

To have a great quality time with your friends is one of the best things that anyone could experience. But what will you do if bonding with your friends leads you to a spooky adventure? Well, if you don't have an idea yet then this spooky footage will truly show you how terrifying it is to encounter something that even science can't explain. A group of friends was able to capture a video from Tuscany, Italy. The video was able to depict a group of friends that's gathered in a circle in the woods. As they play instruments in the dark, no one expected a terrifying surprise. Suddenly,the cameraman pans over to film the man to his left and the creepiness started to happen. They just saw a humanoid entity and it was captured on tape.

The cameraman notices a humanoid creature crouched behind his friend and it terrified him of course. The cameraman reacted by yelling out of fear which scared the creature and left in the process.


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