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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Mysterious Origin of the Creepy Viral Video of 2015 Exposed

There are a lot of things that can go viral for some reasons as it can bring joy or agitate anyone but this new viral video is something that we haven't seen before. A two-minute video that was only known as 11B-X-1371 recently made waves online. The said video has an eerie, mysterious puzzle vibe into it. People speculated it as a message from the future or a warning of some sort. One thing is for sure though, this video is absolutely terrifying.

The eerie video opens in what appears to be an abandoned building in a forest. The figure in the film appears to move about the room while doing a number of nonsensical hand motions, all while distorted and disturbing sounds blare in the background. A number of codes, symbols, and equations also appear from time to time, though their meaning is unclear. The mystery behind 11B-X-1371 is so tantalizing. The video went viral after a copy was sent to Johnny Krahbichler of the Swedish site Gadgetzz.com. He's baffled by the film and what the online community found out is truly disturbing.

To start the creepiness, it was discovered that the binary message in the video’s description translated roughly to “Te queda 1 año menos,” which means “you have one year less.”

It gets even creepier as it was also discovered that the video’s soundtrack wasn’t just for effect and has a deeper meaning. The video’s audio file ran through a spectrogram, which creates a visual representation of sound, The spectrogram visualization revealed images of what appeared to be someone being tortured.

There’s also a line of text that reads, “You are already dead.” A frame-by-frame breakdown of the creepy video made a shocking reveal too. It has hidden lines of code. These characters turned out to be coordinates for the White House. Another frame reveals a line of Morse code that reads “REDLIPSLIKETENTH” or rearranged, “KILLTHEPRESIDENT.”


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