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Monday, December 28, 2015

Two Brothers Encounter with a Humanoid Creature Caught on Video

Two brothers got the shock of their lives as they were able to capture a footage of a humanoid creature that suddenly appeared before them. The brothers were just out in the woods for camping on Vancouver Island in British Columbia with their family. The creepy encounter started when the two brothers decided to go out for a hike. They brought a camera along with them as they go for a hike. Without knowing that they were to encounter something extraordinary that they could not explain.

The video shows a dark-haired humanoid creature. It was seen standing just ahead of the two brothers before it tries to walk away. The cameraman tried to run after the creature, but he was stopped by his brother. They decided to go back to their family. But the two brothers still made a return to where the encounter took place. They discovered large and  indistinguishable footprints.


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