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Friday, January 1, 2016

Driver Avoids Eerie Collision With a Ghost Caught on Video

A couple that's driving down a dark, lonely, winding road captured a chilling footage on their dashcam of a ghostly figure that's walking in the middle of the road. The driver rushes to swerve out of the way as the ghostly figure continues to make its way across the road they're driving into.

According to the YouTube description:
Chilling dashcam footage shows driver swerving to avoid 'ghost' after spooky figure appears in road
This is the spine-tingling moment a driver has to swerve to avoid a ghostly apparition that appears in the middle of a deserted road.
The spooky figure in the eerie video resembles a woman or girl dressed in white or pale grey with arms outstretched.
Filmed on the motorist's dashcam , the clip shows the dimly-lit road ahead as the couple in the car travel in the dead of night.
It was recorded on July 18 shortly before 11pm and posted on YouTube yesterday.
At first, the pair are heard chatting normally as they make their way down the road - but then they encounter the ghoulish figure.
The woman screams and the man swerves to avoid hitting it.

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