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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Supermarket CCTV Captures Video of Poltergeist Activity

Supermarket CCTV Captures Video of Poltergeist Activity

What would you do if you witness something eerie while having your groceries? it might be hard to imagine a terrifying paranormal act in one of the most safe places - the supermarket. Well, think no more as a supermarket security camera recently got to capture a terrifying footage of a bizarre incident that has left viewers wondering if ghosts truly walk among us.

 In the video, an unseen force can be seen knocking items off of a shelf. Many customers from the supermarket go into the isle to try to investigate, still unaware of the invisible entity that was believed to still be lurking nearby. It was even reported that one female costumer claims she felt the presence of a spirit when she entered the isle. See for yourself.



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