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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tagaytay Car Accident Reveals Creepy 'Final Destination' Premonition

Tagaytay Car Accident Reveals Creepy 'Final Destination' Premonition

Danger is just around the corner. And we have been witnesses to several disasters that has this certain "Final Destination" type of unfolding their shocking and untimely deaths. Perhaps now is a good time to be thankful for all the disasters that haven’t befallen you but he same cannot be said for the people who weren't able to escape the hands of death. Just like what happened recently to a chilling car accident in Tagaytay City that took the lives of 6 people, mostly are minors. The said accident was a big news that heated up social media. The untimely deaths gets more creepier as some followers of the said accident found out an eerie connection of the victims' Facebook profiles to their impending death. Before the accident happened, the Facebook profiles of the victims were like showing some strong premonitions.

The infamous Final Destination franchise shows us some of the most bizarre and bloodiest ways for people to meet their end but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The recent accident is now being  more talked about due to its uncanny resemblance to the hit thriller franchise "Final Destination". A Facebook user named Christian Layug was able to dig up some horrifying details from the victims' Facebook accounts.  The Facebook profile covers of 5 of the identified victims showed eerie signs that seems like a premonition to their fatal deaths.

John Paul Tena had a FB cover that shows a picture of a road. While, Jaymee Garcia had a cover of herself posing with a road sign. Kirby Bokingo had a picture of smokes on his cover. While Russel Garcia had total darkness on his Facebook cover. And to make it even more creepy, the driver of the car named Lauren Bren Calabines had a cover of a skeleton. If you have an imaginative mind, connecting their Facebook covers could be a premonition to their deaths.

According to reports, a red 2015 Toyota Vios was running fast along a highway before it crashed into a barrier and onto a tree. The car then burst into flames. Respondents, unfortunately, were not able to save the victims. Authorities are ruling out mechanical failure as the cause of accident. The strong impact might have created a spark that ignited the explosion. - GMA News

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