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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Evidence that Ancients Used Computers 2,000 Years Ago Finally Discovered

Evidence that Ancients Used Computers 2,000 Years Ago Finally Discovered

Ancient technology is known to be something that leaves science questioning their own pre-conceived notions That's why it is laways fascinating to know new discoveries from that special period of time. While exploring an ancient shipwreck found near the Greek island of Antikythera, a group of divers was able to have discovered a bizarre mechanism that has been known since then as the Antikythera Mechanism. Researchers couldn’t unveil the purpose it served or what this device was in fact because of the corrosion caused by centuries laying under the ocean. Explorers found inside that shipwreck more than 100 years ago is in fact an ancient analog computer.

It was crafted over 2,000 years ago, this complex mechanism primarily served as a calculation device that helped in determining the astronomical positioning and alignments for calendrical purposes, as well as calculating the cycles of the renowned Olympic Games. It is built using a puzzling assembly of almost 30 bronze gear wheels that were carefully sealed in a case embedded with a collection of metallic dials.

This ancient device has puzzled so many researchers as it proves advanced technological understanding similar to that of the 18th century, even though it was built around 150 BC. To prove the capabilities of this ancient computer, Michael Wright, a UK Mechanic and Historian of Mechanism, has rebuilt a fully-functional Antikythera mechanism from recycled metal plates and is now revealing the full range capabilities of this stunning piece of work. Is it possible that the ancient builders shared the same fate as their creation? And if so, did they perish along with the accumulated knowledge, while leaving humanity another couple thousand years to decipher and understand the computation of astronomical positioning? In fact, it’s possible that our species is just undergoing a cyclic evolution, meaning that every time our knowledge expands, something terrible is happening, thus wiping the entire progress achieved.


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