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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Video of a Ghost Screaming in Haunted Hotel Goes Viral

Video of a Ghost Screaming in Haunted Hotel Goes Viral

A new terrifying video will totally keep a lot of people up at night as it is starting to get viral. What would you do if you find yourself stuck in a dark hotel that are supposedly haunted by ghosts, would you try to lurk in every corner of it? Some people are very curious to know if there are such entities on those hotels and looks like this new viral video has caught some seriously spooky stuff. Unnerving footage from inside the hotel shows a shocking and harrowing screams coming from an empty room. Staff at the hotel are called in to check the room after a guest complains about the shrieks coming from inside.

On CCTV footage a man can be seen entering the bedroom. When he comes out, he describes the haunting scene. The room is totally empty, but the water has been turned on and furniture has been thrown about.


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