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Friday, February 5, 2016

Viral Video Of Man Passing By A Mirror Without Reflection

Viral Video Of Man Passing By A Mirror Without Reflection

Many people have been fascinated about the thought of having ghosts and vampires existing with us, they are widely discussed and heavily shown in media and maybe that's one of the reasons why it is much easier for us to accept their so-called existence in the human realm. But, there are also many of us who do not believe that ghosts and vampires truly exists in the real world.

 The reasons for this people was the lack of studies, research, experience and evidence. A recent video went viral and people are discussing it as a proof to the real existence of vampires and ghosts in our world. People got shocked as when a man that's seen in the video wearing black clothes passed by a mirror without showing his reflection. The video was recorded in the CCTV footage of a flip flop store in Savannah.
The video was very clear and all people that passed by the mirror visibly have reflections, except for this man in black. This video caught the attention of many people as to why he has no reflection at all, many people find it scary and inexorable. Several netizens in social media commented and said that the man could be a vampire in our contemporary world. - elitereaders.com

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