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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Couple Captures Terrifying Video Of A Sasquatch

Couple Captures Terrifiying Video Of A Sasquatch

Bigfoot is on the loose AGAIN! This time, a new video is going viral as it shows a couple's encounter with Bigfoot. It all happened while a couple was staying at a cabin in Truckee, California, a couple captured footage of what they believe shows a Sasquatch or commonly known as Bigfoot. In the video, a large humanoid figure can be seen pulling branches off of a tree. The creature then begins to walk away and notices the couple, who then flees in terror.

The couple claimed that they were too afraid to upload the footage online or even send it to someone. However, they both decided to submit their footage to the YouTube channel “The Paranormal Review” after the channel featured a Bigfoot video captured by a man who says he was initially too afraid to show it. Is this the start for other people to come up to show their evidences of their encounters also with a Sasquatch?


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