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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gateway To Hell Found In The Philippines? Video of Flaming Ground Goes Viral

All these years, people are still debating whether or not, hell and heaven does exist. For some believers, we must live our lives accordingly so we won't end up going to hell on doomsday. But what would you do if you get to witness how a portal to hell opens up? Well, residents in the village of Balas, Maasim, Sarangani, Philippines were left baffled by a very bizarre phenomenon after a ground in the said area suddenly turns into a real-life inferno. People were quick to speculate that it is the gateway to hell. Videos of the strange event were posted on Facebook by locals which instantly garnered attention online. It can be seen that the flames were erupting from the vacant ground, which appears to be a vacant lot.

The residents are currently looking for a concrete explanation about what was causing this bizarre occurrence. Viewers online quickly expressed their theories about the flaming ground, with one suggesting that a gun power was simply mixed with the dirt. Some have also concluded that it was due to El Nino.  On the other hand, according to Jover, the uploader of the video, even pouring water on the ground will only make the flames fired up.

Until now, scientists and government agencies have not yet released any statements about the real reason of this flaming ground phenomenon.


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