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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Paranormal Activity from a Bar Caught on Camera

Paranormal Activity from a Bar Caught on Camera

A paranormal activity is now making rounds over the internet. A security camera recently captured a video of an invisible entity moving and knocking over various items inside a bar from Moscow. The eerie footage shows some chairs being spun around, curtains also being moved, and a Hookah pipe being knocked off of a table. The waiter who works from the club told the press and only wants to be identified as Vyacheslav said, “I sometimes hear a knocking on the door when nobody is around. There are strange noises all the time and sometimes the lights go on and off for no reason.”

The strange activities goings on the bar amde its owners worried that they even contacted a group of Russian ghostbusters known as “Laboratoriya Nepozannogo”, also known as the “Lab of Unknown”.  These group of paranormal experts gathered powerful magnetic readings during a series of tests, this findings indicated that a strong spectral presence was lurking nearby the place. The team of experts concluded that the poltergeist may be attracted to Vyacheslav due to “low spirit” that would be easily visible to a ghost. Local police also offered up a more conventional explanation for the strange security footage.
 “It seems more likely there was a break in and that for some technical reason the perpetrators were not recorded.”

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