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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Anitos Might Be Ancient Aliens

In the previous post here in Oddity World, an alleged book of Alien races was discussed. Interestingly the book mentioned the existence of the Ellina, an alien race whose appearance might have started the myths and stories about elves. Interestingly, here in the Philippines, millennium old statues of anitos are found mainly in the Northern parts of the Philippines. These statues bear a striking resemblance to the Grey aliens.

Some Words About Anitos

Anitos are the collective name for nature elementals. Pre-Colonial Filipinos worship these idols before the Spaniards came. Pagan tribesmen asked for bountiful harvest and protection against other elementals by worshiping these statues. Are these old pagan figures merely represent unseen elementals? Or are they figures of Ancient Aliens that visited the Philippines thousands of years ago.

Grey Aliens

Grey aliens are the most famous alien race in fiction or in the conspiracy lore. Their distinctive appearance have a profound impact in science fiction. Surprisingly, there is a striking resemblance between the appearance of anitos and Grey aliens. Are these similarities merely coincidental?

Did they somewhat help Pre Hispanic Tribesmen to construct something colossal?  If the Egyptians and Incas got Great Pyramids and Nazca Lines, Filipinos also have an intricate ancient structure. It is the Banaue Rice Terraces, the 8th Wonder of The World. The terraces have an astronomical measurement; The Banaue Rice Terraces's combined length is enough to traverse 1/2 of the planet's Equator. These facts may surprise the reader.

This article is merely speculative, no scholarly research was conducted to prove the assertion of Grey Aliens=Anitos claim. 

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