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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Occult Background of Code Geass Series

On the November 26 2016, an announcement shocked anime fans worldwide. The critically acclaimed Code Geass will finally get a third season. The news caught many fans of the series off-guard, because most of them thought that the series ended in R2. Let's revisit Code Geass and analyze it's occult background and its messages that may have parallels with the conspiracy lore.

The Main Character: A Short Analysis

The series is known for its morally ambiguous protagonist named Lelouch Vi Britannia. His downright Machiavellian character played with the psyche of the fans of Code Geass. At the beginning of the series obtained a psionic ability named Geass from an enigmatic character named C.C. This power became a powerful plot device that made fans keep on the edge of the seat while watching the series(despite it's a rewatch, it's still thrilling). Lelouch's Geass may be a clever allegory for propaganda or debunking a propaganda. Interestingly the motives of Lelouch's alter ego Zero, bare a striking resemblance with V from Alan Moore's V from Vendetta.

The Metaphysics of Code Geass And Its Allegorical Messages

The show made a lot of references regarding real world problems in a subtle way. Episodes filled with references of media manipulation,imperialism,colonialism,racism, are scattered throughout the series. There are also Jungian references in the final episodes. The show blatantly stated Jungian terms such as collective unconscious or subconscious. C.C.'s real name may stand for collective conscious(SPECULATION since she gave Lelouch and Mao powers that can affect man's collective conscious).

The show also addressed some thought provoking questions such as: Is World Peace possible? Should we trust our governments? What will happen if some people obtained powers, and what if these powers fall to the wrong hands? Can young people make the difference? Do Gods exist? These questions are posed by the final episodes of the second season, and the show did well to answer these questions. I highly recommend to watch or rewatch this series before the third season will be broad casted next year.

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