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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Shocking Soviet Dicephalic Dog Experiment

The Shocking Soviet Dicephalic Dog Experiment

A shocking experiment was conducted in 1959. The result of the experiment is a dicephalic dog. Many people found Vladimir Demikhov's experiment unsettling. But at the same time it fascinated many people especially scientists because they saw Demikhov's work as something straight out of science fiction. Many people suspected that Demikhov's creation was just an elaborate hoax but it turned out to be a genuine scientific achievement.


There is a rather unsettling video uploaded in Youtube on May 9 2011. The actual surgery was documented in the footage. The reception of the video is mostly negative, most people found Demikhov's experiment disturbing and many felt sorry for the two dogs that are joined together in the said experiment.

Tragically the dicephalic dog died four days after they are joined together. Brodyaga is the name of the bigger dog, while the smaller one is named Shavka. What is more disturbing is that Demikhov allegedly reproduced the same experiment with different subjects more than 20 times!

Vladimir Demikhov was labeled as a mad scientist because of the said experiment. Setting aside the infamous experiment, Demikhov's contribution in the field of cardiology is very significant. He even designed a cardiac assist device that can save lives in a young age(21).

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