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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Truth About The Strange Case of the Filipino Baby With Stigmata of Jesus Christ

The Truth About The Strange Case of the Filipino Baby With Stigmata of Jesus Christ

Last year, a strange story surfaced the Internet involving a Filipino baby with strange birthmarks or sores that was similar to the wounds suffered by Jesus Christ. He have wounds that bear resemblance to the wounds of Jesus Christ during crucifixion such as the head wounds associated to the Crown of Thorns and the crucifixion stigmata itself. The named of the allegedly miraculous baby is Jejomar Castillo, he was born on March 15 2015, and despite being a newborn then, he attracted thousands of followers or devotees expecting for miracles. The said story was not reported by the corporate media last year. Is the story true? Or just an elaborate hoax?

To answer the latter question; Yes, the story was just an elaborate hoax. Being a dominantly Catholic country, Philippines was filled with similar stories glorifying idolatry and expectation for miracles. Since then, the story was debunked by many websites. In fact, Jejomar Castillo was just a fictional name(probably a pun to the then Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay). The story was originally published in the satire news website World News Report.

The baby in the original and unedited photo is Danica May Camacho,famous for being the world's 7 billionth baby. She was born on October 30 2011, and her story gained wide mainstream attention. The we would never know the true intentions of the satirical writer of World News Report, who have written Jejomar's story. But one thing is for sure; Do not believe in everything you read in the Internet.

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