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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Horror Inside The Killing Fields Museum Of Cambodia

If you are looking for places that can easily creep you out - without gimmicks or hypes. The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is one of the most popular answers you can get. Dubbed as the home of S21 Victims. Why is it notorious, and remembered as one of the most cruel and hair-raising places to be at in recent memory is quite easy. Think of how each of the almost 6,000 S-21 portraits that have been recovered tells a story shock, resignation, confusion, defiance and horror. Read on and get to know more about the horror inside the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - this is where we can find Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. This former high school was converted, in 1975, to Security Prison 21 by the Khmer Rouge. The prison was used as a base to torture and murder prisoners. Most of the prisoners in the Genocide museum were former soldiers and government officials from the Lon Nol regime.

However, the Khmer Rouge leaders paranoia soon caught up with them, and they began shipping people from their own ranks to the prison. Soon after that, prisoners were tortured and tricked into naming their family and associates, who were them also arrested, tortured and murdered. Imagine naming your innocent loved ones one day and see them getting arrested the next day, how creepy and unnerving is that?

The Horror Inside The Killing Fields Museum Of Cambodia

It is public knowledge already that the former genocide museum is now considered to be haunted. Sources say that ghosts of the estimated 17,000 victims of Tuol Sleng continue to roam the halls, and odd happenings around the place are often attributed to them: and it is a no-brainer to know why these ghosts weren't getting any rest at all.

Most victims were forced to confess to crimes they didn’t actually commit. Harassment and humiliation each day of their lives. How can an innocent soul get its rest if you know you were prosecuted and executed by a crime you didn't commit at all? Although most victims were Cambodians, many foreigners fell victim to the death machine, including Americans, French, a New Zealander, a Briton, Australians, Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis and Vietnamese. The shocking bit is that only 12 people are thought to have been able to survive the death factory of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.

Truth be told, this is part of a long list were humanity is no longer respected at all and it is all but sad history. And to give you a glimpse of how cruel would it be to live in this dark place full of torture and deaths,  we compiled the actual security regulations, the ten rules all prisoners had to follow. Warning though, it is truly heart-wrenching and creepy.

1. You must answer accordingly to my question. Don’t turn them away.
2. Don’t try to hide the facts by making pretexts this and that, you are strictly prohibited to contest me.
3. Don’t be a fool for you are a chap who dare to thwart the revolution.
4. You must immediately answer my questions without wasting time to reflect.
5. Don’t tell me either about your immoralities or the essence of the revolution.
6. While getting lashes or electrification, you must not cry at all.
7. Do nothing, sit still and wait for my orders. If there is no order, keep quiet. When I ask you to do something, you must do it right away without protesting.
8. Don’t make pretext about Kampuchea Krom in order to hide your secret or traitor.
9. If you don’t follow all the above rules, you shall get many many lashes of electric wire.
10.If you disobey any point of my regulations, you shall get either ten lashes or five shocks of electric discharge.

What Lies Beneath In The Catacombs of Paris?

If you are a fan of horror films or you are simply scared of the dark and the unknown, the popular story about the Catacombs of Paris will truly pique your interest. If you are not familiar with the Catacombs of Paris, a Catacomb is a human-made passageway, essentially a tunnel with rooms, that has chambers used as a burial place. These places were used for religious purposes and it can be most prominently tracked back to the Romans. There are stories that many still exist till today, and are occupied by cults and dark spirits. The catacombs of Paris is famously known to be haunted and it has been the inspiration of some mainstream horror films. Also known as the home to a network of old caves, quarries and tunnels stretching hundreds of miles, and seemingly lined with the bones of the dead. Let's get to know more about the terror that lives in the infamous mines of Paris.

The Catacombs of Paris (French: Catacombes de Paris, About this sound  (help·info)) are underground ossuaries in Paris, France, which hold the remains of more than six million people[1] in a small part of the ancient Mines of Paris tunnel network. Extending south from the former city gate Barrière d’Enfer ("Gate of Hell") beneath Rue de la Tombe-Issoire, the ossuary was founded when city officials had two simultaneous problems: a series of cave-ins beginning 1774, and overflowing cemeteries, particularly Saint Innocents. Nightly processions of bones from 1786 to 1788 transferred remains from cemeteries to the reinforced tunnels, and more remains were added during later years. The underground cemetery became a tourist attraction on a small scale from the early 19th century, and has been open to the public on a regular basis since 1874 with surface access from a building at Place Denfert-Rochereau in the extreme southern part of the city of Paris. - Wikipedia

 The Paris Catacombs has an interesting backstory. Its origins lies in the limestone quarries situated on the outskirts of the city wherein lots of natural resource has been in use since the time of the Romans, and provided construction material for the city’s buildings, as well as contributed to the city’s growth and expansion. It was only after during the second half of the 18 th century, however, that the former limestone mines were transformed into burial places. And by 18th century, Parisian cemeteries such as Les Innocents  dubbed as the largest cemetery in Paris were becoming overpopulated, giving rise to improper burials, open graves, and unearthed corpses.

Quite naturally, people living close to such places began complaining about the strong stench of decomposing flesh and the spread of diseases from the cemeteries. In 1763, an edict was issued by Louis XV banning all burials from the capital. The Church, however, did not wish to disturb or move the cemeteries, and opposed the edict. As a result, nothing was done until an unusual long period of rain caused a wall around the Les Innocents to collapse, resulting in the spilling of rotting corpses into a neighboring property and the French authorities were forced to act on it. In 1786, the former Tombe-Issoire quarries were blessed and consecrated, turning them into the Paris Catacombs. It took two years for all the bones from the Les Innocents to be transferred to the catacombs.

The Catacombs of Paris stood out above the rest for the most obvious reason that its walls are laced in human remains. As you walk down the walls and the corridors, you can actually see actual human bones and skulls staring back at you. Skeletons of a hundred years ago trapped underneath a city harboring unknowing spirits. Aside from the paranormal side, it is known that there are three strains of bacteria that can only be found in Catacombs. The Catacombs of Paris were shut down to the public by 2009. They described the reason it was closed was due to “vandalism” but the accounts were very not too convincing and the stories surrounding what was inside the catacombs were described as being very sinister. It was long rumored that the only people who went down into Catacombs were practicing dark arts and black magic. Some locals even say that people would travel under to perform Necromancy.

It has been said that if you walk down the tunnels late at night, the walls would start to talk to you. That's why it got the reputation of being a hotspot for cult activity. Many rituals and sacrifices happened underneath Paris that public has never heard about. The evidence of this is said to be the bones you encounter, if they are not in the wall mounted they were not buried there, they were actually killed there.

Some also believes that the spirits inside will make you mad if you stay in there for too long. There have been reports that even after they left the Catacombs they felt presence as if it came with them. There was some stories that go around that once you go under and luckily gets to go back to your normal city life, you will still feel the atmosphere down below the catacombs. They say that it is the spirits' way of bringing you back under for them to be finally free from the dreaded catacombs. Now, that's creepy!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Origin Of The Black Bird of Chernobyl

Many people already know about the chilling 1986 Chernobyl disaster. The details on how it all began and how the victims and survivors went through the ordeal from Chernobyl disaster is too overwhelming. History books noted that 1986 saw one of the worst nuclear disasters to date, the Chernobyl reactor disaster, 31 died on the day but over 500,000 people were involved and the long-term effects continue to be recorded and monitored. Witnesses who have visited the area believe that the spirits of those who died there still roam the area. You think you might know the whole story but are you really sure? Apparently, most are unaware of the creepy circumstances some people were facing before it all happened. According to some of the survivors, shortly before the huge nuclear plant meltdown, they all started experiencing weird phenomena including nightmares, threatening phone calls, and encounters with a huge winged beast that came to be known as the "Black Bird of Chernobyl". Let's get to know the creepy creature that caused havoc and disaster to Chernobyl.

 The infamous tragedy is said to be fascinating historically and scientifically, but nevertheless, terrifying. At the start of April 1986 people living and working at the power plant began to witness strange and eerie events. Sightings of a large black bird, or bird-like creature, and even a headless man with large black wings and red eyes began to be reported. It was later given the name ‘The Black Bird of Chernobyl’. Witnesses had nightmares, threatening calls and some claimed first hand encounters with the creature are just some of the creepy circumstances before the explosion happened. The strange happenings were reported and increased until the morning of 26th April, 1986, when reactor number four exploded.

  • Classification: Avian
  • Size: 5 to 6 feet tall
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Diet: Unknown
  • Location: Chernobyl, Soviet Union
  • Movement: Flight and two legged walking
  • Environment: Unknown

    General circumstances led to multiple reports that the Black Bird looked like a large, creature-like man with huge wings and red eyes. How terrifying would it be when you see it face to face? Some even reported seeing it over one of the reactors as it went through the meltdown and the rest is history.

    Due to this, people are quick to relate this apparent harbinger of death to the legendary Mothman of West Virginia, which started showing up right before the Silver Bridge collapsed.  Of course, this theory was supported by some locals. The way people describe these two beings are so similar that one is left to wonder if there really are creatures out there that show up when something bad is going to happen. Are they appearing before a disaster to warn the people? Or are they showing up to show to us that we can't stop the disaster from happening? So if you see a large scary bird man or some sort on the way to work or school. maybe it would be better to just turn around and go home. Keep safe always!

    Friday, July 7, 2017

    Facebook Is Out To Read Minds With Smartphones That Types Directly From Your Brain

    There's no denying that the world we live in right now is very advanced. It seems that everything is "instant" and it is amazing, right? It makes life easier, who wouldn't feel relief when you know a certain thing can be done instantly, right? Thanks to technology and its advanced features, we get the liberty to rely on it. But is it really a good thing? Or the technological world we live right now will creep us out in the end? Just recently, Facebook has assembled a team of 60 people, including machine learning and neural prosthetics experts, brain-computer interface engineers and neural imaging engineers, to create a “mind reading” smartphone. Amazing! The smartphone's system would be capable of typing one hundred words per minute and what makes it too "advanced" is that it comes straight from one’s thoughts. Yes, Facebook is currently making a gadget that can read your private thoughts. Feel disturbed?

    “No such technology exists today; we’ll need to develop one.”

    Facebook is now looking at using optical imaging which needs the use of lasers to capture changes in the properties of neurons as they fire. It is to make sure that it can glean words straight from our brain before we say them. If these signals can be read, they can be transmitted silently to other people. If the thought that a company that makes almost all of its money from harvesting your personal data could also have access to your thoughts is scary, that’s because it is. Are you ready for this technology?

    Before you freak out and delete Facebook, Facebook told its supporters to not be so concerned about their thoughts being constantly read by a machine because it would only be able to decode words one was “about to say”. However, the goal of that technology is to read thoughts without them being said and to translate them into computer commands.

    Do this message from Facebook can really make us feel relieved? How can a clear line be drawn between what can and cannot be read in the nebulous realm of human thought? Is there a thin line to begin with? How can we be assured that this kind of technology won’t be used to actually monitor and control people’s thoughts? And the million dollar question is; Are there even people willing to give up the sanctuary of their own thoughts for the slight convenience of not moving one’s finger on a touchscreen?

    Another reason why Facebook wants to read our brain activity is to develop the equivalent of a “brain mouse” for augmented reality. What’s just lacking in this augmented future is a user interface. When we don’t have a smartphone or a computer mouse, how can we select and click on a piece of digital content? Facebook still appears to be keen on answering questions nobody ever asked. Although the technology is presented as a way of “staying connected with the people around us” since communication was made more easier now. And it is now reducing the need to look at one’s screen – the true goal of this technology is painfully obvious. The people behind the famous website simply want to know what you’re thinking all the time. Now, are you ready for this "too advanced" feature from Facebook?

    Monday, June 12, 2017

    A Loira do Banheiro

    "A Loira do Banheiro" - if you are not familiar with the language Brazilians uses, it is translated as the title means "The Blonde in the Bathroom". This urban legend from the country of Brazil is somehow familiar to the famous urban legends from the US and Japan. Since they all revolve around a woman's unsettling spirit that never ceases to scare everyone who crosses paths with her on the bathroom. Dubbed as the Brazilian version of Bloody Mary or Hanako-san, it was known that every Brazilian child in had experienced the chills whenever they hear the "a Loira do Banheiro" story.

    Bloody Mary or Hanako-san

    First off, it was said to believe that she is an amazingly beautiful girl with long blonde hair of course. The strange thing is, she is all cut up and she has bloody cotton stuffed in her mouth and nose. Blood streams out of her empty eye socket and some even claims that she appears in the mirror and stares at you, while other beliefs say that she asks you to remove the cotton from her nose. If you are keen to know if she is real or not, you can try to call her to appear. All you have to do to summon her is to only go to the last stall in the bathroom, kick the door three times, flush the toilet three times, turn the tap on and off three times, and say a curse word aloud three times.

    If those weren't enough to creep you out, there are three legends of how she came to haunt school bathrooms in Brazil. 

    WARNING: Serious creepy feeling might be experienced while reading these three short anecdotes.

    1. The Troublemaker

    She was once a beautiful student with blonde hair. Just like most normal youth at school, she often skips classes and hung out in the restrooms. She would drink, smoke, and be generally up to no good. One day, during one of these rebellious escapades, she fell. She hit her head on the toilet in the last stall and bled to death. That is why she now haunts the school bathrooms.She is up to no good even after she died.

     Maria Augusta

    2. The Viscount's Daughter

    This version of the story centers around the girl named Maria Augusta. She was a Brazilian viscount's daughter. Her parents forced her to marry a man she didn't love who was also many years older than she was. Due to this, it wasn't long before she started to have an affair. Maria Augusta and her lover ran off to Europe but she contracted pneumonia and later on, died. Her body was shipped back to her family. They say a mirror in her parents' house shattered the exact moment she died. They put her body in a glass casket and refused to bury her. And that's why she appears on mirrors.

    The Naughty Teacher

    3. The Naughty Teacher

    She was a teacher when she was still living and she fell in love with one of her students. A big offense as a teacher. When her husband found out about her affair, he flew into a jealous rage and murdered her. He stabbed her first, then cut her face to ribbons, and lastly, shoved her face into the toilet in the last stall. He held her head down until she drowned to death. Her affair originated in the school and she also died there. That's why she wants to haunt unknowing victims.

    The Shocking Deaths From Shirokiya Department Store Fire

    Tragedies are often remembered to make sure that it won't be repeated in the present times. There are some people who finds it hard to even accept that a certain thing in the past is for real, thus, it makes them question the authenticity of whatever occurred in the past. If you are familiar about the urban legends from Japan, you might have known already the mind-boggling urban legend about a Department Store fire that caused deaths of its female employees. Of course, disasters like fire is inevitable but what makes this urban legend popular until now is that the cause of the salesladies' deaths were due to their tradition and culture. Without a doubt, Japan is known for their heightened importance of their culture and in this urban legend, the victims of the disaster just followed their cultural belief. Here's the urban legend of "Shirokiya Department Store Fire."

    The Shocking Deaths From Shirokiya Department Store Fire

    Shirokiya Department Store fire (白木屋大火 Shirokiya Taika) was known to be a fire at the Shirokiya Department Store, Tokyo, Japan, on December 16, 1932 which left 14 people dead and 67 people injured. The Shirokiya Department store had eight stories that time and two underground floors. The 4th floor through 8th floor caught fire in this bizarre incident. At the time, the Shirokiya Department Store was having a year-end Christmas theme sale, and the interior was extravagantly decorated. The fire suddenly started around 9:15 am, shortly before it was to open for business, in the toy section.

    A clerk witnessed an electrical spark from a light bulb on a Christmas tree. The strong spark landed on some highly flammable celluloid toys, easily ignited them, and the fire quickly spread. The open staircase provided oxygen to fuel the flames and enabled the fire to spread to other floors. The staircase became a chimney for the smoke, which cut off the main escape route. As ladder trucks and hoses could not reach the 5th floor, the fire outrageously spread and people got trapped inside and they had to find other ways to escape. Some of the saleswomen were forced to go up to the roof; from there, they jumped into safety nets held by firemen. Many attempted to escape the building using ropes made from clothing or curtains. About 80 people climbed down from the 7th floor in this manner. Others could not hang on and fell to their deaths unfortunately.

    This incident made Japan re-evaluate their fashion beliefs. It is believed that this fire changed fashion customs among Japanese women, who discarded the traditional kimono since kimono-clad women did not wear panties. It was because of the news that spread that during the fire, saleswomen in kimono refused to jump from the roof into safety nets because they were ashamed to be seen from below, and as a result died. This news attracted attention from as far away as Europe. It has been alleged that in the aftermath of the fire, department store management ordered saleswomen to wear panties or other short underwear under their kimono, and the trend spread.

    Contrary to this belief, Shoichi Inoue, a professor of Japanese customs and architecture has denied the story of the ambivalent women with fatal modesty. According to Inoue, most people were saved by firemen, and the story of women who preferred to die with their modesty intact was fabricated for the benefit of Westerners. The story has been prevalent in many reference books, even some published by the Fire Fighting Agency. It is generally believed in Japan that the Shirokiya Department Store fire was a WAKE-UP CALL for the change in fashion customs, specifically the trend toward wearing Western-style panties, though there is no evidence to substantiate the urban legend.

    Sunday, May 28, 2017

    The Curse of Death Behind Tomino's Hell

    What would you do if you read a poem that will lead you to your death? There's a lot of creepy urban legends that not only is out to scare the entirety of everyone who gets to know it. Some urban legends also come with a dark twist - a deadly curse. There's no such thing that can top the horror of knowing you will meet your hurried death by just reading a certain poem with an underlying dark meaning.

    That is the premise of the curse behind "Tomino's Hell" and it is infamous for causing fear and paranoia to those people who gets to know their fate after reading the deadly poem. Are you brave enough to test your fate and destiny by delving deeper into Tomino's hell?

    Tomino no Jigoku or commonly known as Tomino's Hell is another popular yet creepy tale from Japan and, just like the Red Room legend, tomino's hell also involves a curse. The legend is about “Tomino’s Hell,” in case you don't know, it is a poem in a book called The Heart is Like a Rolling Stone, written by Yomota Inuhiko. It is claimed by locals and urban legends enthusiasts that anyone who reads the poem aloud will be cursed to suffer just like the protagonist in the poem, Tomino.

    Many believed that the curse causes its victims to suffer terrible accidents, while others strongly claims that death will surely follow. To be fair, it is hard to detect if anything creepy is known to have happened and how this particular urban legend sprouted from the darkest pits of Japanese imagination, but the mystery only adds more eerie factor to the whole legend from the land of the rising sun.

    If you are curious enough to see and read the poem or you want to avoid it at all costs but you are meaning to know its content, what we can say is that the poem itself is truly weird and creepy read. It conjures a very dreadful and very graphic images that slowly shred apart the reader’s heart. There's even a time that you might start to question the intent of the author to include the dark words and phrases in this poem. If anyone wants to read the English version of the poem, you can read it here on the last portion of the article to avoid accidental reads from unwilling visitors.

    There are some people who even dared to read the poem aloud and later claimed to have suffered no actual ill effects afterwards. On the other hand, there are a higher percentage of people who say otherwise. To conclude, the curse may be real or not, but it is still creepy to give the poem a read to be honest. But, if someone reading this article really has a strong desire and wants to test fate and challenge the curse on its veracity or not, locals suggest to make sure to read it in the original Japanese version. Good luck to those who will challenge Tomino's hell!

    The English Version of Tomino's Hell Poem: 

    Tomino’s Hell

    Elder sister vomits blood,
    younger sister’s breathing fire
    while sweet little Tomino
    just spits up the jewels.
    All alone does Tomino
    go falling into that hell,
    a hell of utter darkness,
    without even flowers.
    Is Tomino’s big sister
    the one who whips him?
    The purpose of the scourging
    hangs dark in his mind.

    Lashing and thrashing him, ah!
    But never quite shattering.
    One sure path to Avici,

    the eternal hell.
    Into that blackest of hells
    guide him now, I pray—
    to the golden sheep,
    to the nightingale.
    How much did he put
    in that leather pouch
    to prepare for his trek to
    the eternal hell?
    Spring is coming
    to the valley, to the wood,
    to the spiraling chasms
    of the blackest hell.
    The nightingale in her cage,
    the sheep aboard the wagon,
    and tears well up in the eyes
    of sweet little Tomino.

    Sing, o nightingale,
    in the vast, misty forest—
    he screams he only misses
    his little sister.
    His wailing desperation
    echoes throughout hell—
    a fox peony
    opens its golden petals.
    Down past the seven mountains
    and seven rivers of hell—
    the solitary journey
    of sweet little Tomino.
    If in this hell they be found,
    may they then come to me, please,
    those sharp spikes of punishment
    from Needle Mountain.

    Not just on some empty whim
    Is flesh pierced with blood-red pins:
    they serve as hellish signposts
    for sweet little Tomino.

    Transportation is truly an important factor of our daily lives. It simply leads any individual to do what he/she needs to accomplish. That's why safety in transportation is an absolute concern all the time, anywhere, anytime. With transportation as anchor of our topic, what would you do if something unsafe and troublesome starts to unfold in your eyes? Will you let it happen and accept your unfortunate fate?

    Or would you do all it takes to save yourself from danger? This question was answered in a famous urban legend from China. Folks, here is "The Midnight Bus from Beijing" urban legend. As the legend goes, a driver, conductor, and four passengers which includes a young couple, an old woman, and a young man were riding on bus 375 at midnight.

    The legend starts with a young man who was on his way home late one night. The streets were usually empty except for the occasional motorists, and the only one at the bus stop with him was an old man, some says it is an old woman. The midnight bus arrived and they boarded it without any hesitation The old man took a seat near the front of the bus while the young man sat a couple of rows behind him.

     There was a couple who completed the set passengers with them. After awhile, the bus stopped and three new passengers climbed aboard and comfortably sat behind the driver’s seat. The old man was immediately disturbed by the men and kept looking back at them. After a few stops, the young couple got off leaving the driver, the conductor, the young man, the old man and the new passengers on the bus.

    Several minutes later, the old man suddenly stood up and confronted the young man. He looked angry, and accused the young man of stealing his wallet. The young man was angry at being accused of something so preposterous. The argument became more heated until the old men angrily declared that both of them must get off the bus and settle their argument at the nearest police station. The young man at first did not want to go with the old man, but then gave in just to settle the matter and prove his innocence from the old man.

    Once they reached outside, the young man was shocked to see that the old man was no longer angry -  in fact, he looked so relieved. When he asked the old man what the fuss was all about, the old man answered: “I just saved both our lives.”
    To which the young man responded with a confused “Huh? What are you talking about?”
    “Did you see the two passengers?” the old man replied.
    “Yeah, so what?” replied the young man, more miffed and bewildered with what the old man is trying to say.
    “Well, unlike you, I took a closer look. They have no feet; they were just floating on air. Those two were ghosts!” the old man responded with full conviction!

    The old man apologized and explained further the reason why he was certain that two of the three men who had gotten on the bus were ghosts and that they were about to do something horrible to the bus. The young man was so shocked upon hearing it. Sure enough, the next morning the bus was all over the news as it was found submerged in a reservoir. Inside the bus, they found the decomposed bodies of the driver, the conductor, and an unidentified man. Without the two men in sight. Got some goosebumps?

    One thing is actually clear here whether the legend is real or fake, there mightt be something more than the bus rides in Beijing that can actually cost your life.

    Friday, May 19, 2017

    It is a common knowledge already that many people are enthusiastic about the Anunnaki and its origins. Many people from all over the world believe in the story of the Anunnaki. How can it be impossible to be intrigued with this ancient and heavily powered alien race? The Annunnaki race are believed to be the creators of humanity who designed the first human beings half a million years ago and they also served as drone workers in the mines on planet Earth.

    Get to Know the Igigu; Sumerian Gods of Heaven Against Annunnaki

    It is a common knowledge already that many people are enthusiastic about the Anunnaki and its origins. Many people from all over the world believe in the story of the Anunnaki. How can it be impossible to be intrigued with this ancient and heavily powered alien race? The Annunnaki race are believed to be the creators of humanity who designed the first human beings half a million years ago and they also served as drone workers in the mines on planet Earth. But just like any other famous movie of triumph and awe, there are another species sent to obliterate the superior race. Meet Igigi, who opposed the supremacy of Annunnakis. They are also referred to as the Sumerian Gods of Heaven.


    The Igigi or Igigu were speculated to be a second alien species which were also inextricably linked to the foundation of human civilization and the formation of intelligent life on the planet Earth. They are famously known as the ancient astronaut gods. Through  ancient textual research, researchers have discovered that these ancient astronaut gods are believed to be of a younger generation that the Anunnaki. The Igigi appears to be of Semitic origin, the implication is that they were based around Mesopotamia civilization when they resided on Earth. It is interesting to note that the city of Babylon appears to be particularly closely linked with this second species of alien beings. Initially, it is believed that the Igigi acted as servants for the Anunnaki. This race of alien beings is described in ancient texts as the ones who engaged in back-breaking and ceaseless labor at the behest of the Anunnaki on the planet Earth until they chose to rebel against their masters.

    How did their rebellion fare? It is said that the ancient astronaut gods set fire to their tools and surrounded the house of the master Anunnaki, Evil, in the middle of the night. Such a sbeaky move and this action led to the Anunnaki releasing the Igigi from their obligations and designing human beings to serve as more compliant worker drones. That's the time when our own species were formed as the story goes.


     Further research on the Igigi is an incredibly difficult process as it is believed that these beings have never actually been encountered by humanity.

    Saturday, May 13, 2017

    Evidence of Angels Existence Supported by Soviet Cosmonauts

    The world we live in is truly filled with mysteries. We grew up believing in different perspectives and we are all in unison that there's freedom in choosing what we want to believe. One perfect example of that would be the vast amount of religions we are free to choose from. And with this beliefs, we are filled with different concepts from religion. One concept or idea that stemmed from religions would be the existence of angels. Are they for real? Well, a new evidence captured by soviet cosmonauts points out that they might be real. The common human perception of angels would be them flying them to Earth from heaven or the clouds in our endless skies but the new evidence, conspiracy theories, and even reports have shown that might be far from true because where the real angels reside is actually somewhere much further than our Earth's atmosphere - they live in. They are now allegedly seen living in SPACE.

    You might find this claim a weird thing because space is endless and left unexplored. There are still many questions  that was left to be unanswered even when technology advances at such a rapid pace. However, a current report of angels existing in space has actually been around for 32 years. Back in 1985, Russian cosmonauts who were on the space station were getting worried as their space station has been blacking out and smoke appearing out of nowhere. They were getting bothered that the space station was close to be shutting down. Then, one day, the orange smoke was worst than ever and even caused a white light that blinded all cosmonauts residing at the space station. When their vision was finally cleared, all cosmonauts claimed to see a floating being outside the space station's window which had wings and was huge in size.

    At first, they panicked but they calmed down eventually by the smile present on this otherworldly being's face. Immediately after the incident, the cosmonauts reported to their supervisor on Earth. The suprevisor made the conclusion that they had gone mad from being isolated on the space station for too long. He then sent another new team of cosmonauts such that the ones on space could be sent back home and given evaluative check-ups. The shocking revelation was that the new team of cosmonauts claimed to also see the same thing, but they were already checked to be all in good health.

     Is there such thing as ANGELS in SPACE? This claim by the original cosmonauts is further backed up by other proofs. There was a retired NASA craft operator who has claimed that he once saw a large alien being able to talk to 2 cosmonauts. He had worked for NASA for over 34 years, and only released the information when he finally retired. The original leak from the Russian cosmonauts back in 1985 was further supported by a Hubble Project engineer, who has further claimed that the Hubble telescope had captured pictures of these angels for awhile. These startling evidences gives us the million dollar question - Do angels really live in space? Watch the full report about the 1985 incident here.


    Wednesday, May 3, 2017

    Who is Teresa Fidalgo? The Story Behind the Ghostly Urban Legend

    Chain letters are very creepy most of the time especially if it resembles a legitimate horror story that even goes with a video or picture of the said "ghost" Teresa Fidalgo is a notable example of the  horrifying "chain mail" phenomena that went viral in the 2000s. Let us all go a trip down memory lane as we revisit one epic yet freaky urban legend of Teresa Fidalgo. They refer Teresa Fidalgo as a ghost of a car crash that terrifies commuters, drivers and even computer-savvy peeps out there.


    Teresa Fidalgo

    Ever had that day when you come home from school or work. And then you try to relax so you open and check your phone. You browse various apps and you stumble upon a certain video and see a message attached to it. You read it and you realize it's a piece of chain mail with a threat! The catch is if you don't forward it to 10 people, you'll get a horrifying consequence! Well, it is not a brand new experience for everyone 'cause it has been going on for a long time already.
    "I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever, A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on google."
     That was the chain mail that went viral years ago from a certain Teresa Fidalgo. Sure thing it would be creepy to see a message like this. What more if you watch a video of Teresa terrifying her innocent victims? There was a video uploaded to various sites before that seems to be the found footage short wherein we get to see a car of friends driving in the mountains when they pick up a hitchhiker going by the name Teresa Fidalgo. Teresa was seen in the video as an innocent yet mysterious young lass. Mostly silent, the video turns to a horror route as she eventually points to a spot in the road ahead of the car where she "died" and it caused the group of friends to panic. The fear intensifies with the camera panning back to her to show her face suddenly bloody before the car crashes. You can watch the video below,



    Teresa Fidalgo

    Who is Teresa Fidalgo?  Is there a concrete evidence to her real existence? Sources say that Teresa was a girl living in Portugal. In 1983, she took a car in a highway but the car later met an accident. The accident cost her life. That's where the ghost stories turns to life as some years later, she was found to be standing in the same place where she died. A couple even accepted her for hitchhiking and they were having a conversation in the car. 

    Teresa Fidalgo

    At first, Teresa Fidalgo appeared to be calm and they had a lovely conversation. But soon, the face of Teresa Fidalgo became bloody and she screamed seriously. The couple was scared and shocked and their car clashed. When the police found the clashed car, the car was badly damaged and the couple died. There was no sign of the appearance of Teresa Fidalgo because her body was not found there. The ghost story was so identical with the horrifying video that was uploaded in the internet during the early 2000s. The police found a video which recorded the conversation mentioned above. In other words, the video was one of the evidences showing the existence of the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo. According to the police and their official record testifies that Teresa Fidalgo really died in 1983 for a car accident. 

    Teresa Fidalgo

    Therefore, it is safe to say that the Teresa Fidalgo ghost story created many rumors and gave birth to chain letters. Many people think that it was a real thing but some people thought that the video was just a horror film and it was not something true at all. No matter what its real origin, the video had created a lot of discussions between people. Many people said that the video was just a horror movie clip.

    IS SHE FOR REAL?                                       

    If you think it ends there, think again. Many years have passed and a certain ‘survivor’ came out and he was called David. He was mentally ill so he could not tell everything clearly. But according to people who assisted him, David was one of the survivors in the accident who left the place after the accident occurred. Therefore, the police did not find him at that moment. Of course, this is not a valid thing according to some people. They have found that in the conversation between the couple and the ghost there should only be three people and David could not be the forth. Although David claimed himself to be the cameraman at that video, some people still doubted whether that was a true thing.

    Teresa Fidalgo got a scary reputation since then and was later regarded as the white lady. It was partly because she wore the white dress when she was in the video. This somehow increased the mysterious feeling of many people because this type of white dress and horror situation greatly matches the traditional concept. Until now, some people doubt whether this was just a tricky video made by a widely imaginative person.


    The debate whether her story or existence is real is still True or not. Teresa Fidalgo undoubtedly cemented the horror part in chain letters during the early eras and maybe up until now as new chain letters have gotten the inspiration from her story.