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Thursday, January 26, 2017

AMAZING:Latest Galactic Map Revealed Our Place In The Universe

In the early 1900s many cosmologists and astronomers believed that there is only one galaxy in our universe. They believed that Milky Way is the lone galaxy in the entire universe. Fast forward a hundred years later, mankind made several breakthroughs in the field of astronomy. Recently a 3-D map of Milky Way's place in the universe was released;It is a map of Laniakea(in Hawaiian the word means Heaven and immeasurable).

The name of the supercluster coined by Nawa'a Napoleon, he is a Hawaiian professor. His neologism of Laniakea describes the sheer grandeur of the supercluster itself. The total size of this supercluster is 500 million light-years in diameter, this size is enough to shelter a hundred thousand galaxies. Every year, new parts of Laniakea are discovered, hence the map is always a subject for updates.

Thanks to R. Brent Tully and his team of astronomers, we are able to visualize the Milky Way's place in the universe in a larger scale. Videos and infographics of R. Brent Tully's findings fascinated futurists and laymen interested in astronomy. Indeed, the vastness of our universe is worth pondering, and we should stray ourselves from millennium old dogma.


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