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Sunday, January 22, 2017

WATCH: Flying Russian Girl Caught On Tape

As children, we daydream of being able to fly. Sometimes, in our dreams we temporarily gain the ability of flight. Years ago, a footage of a flying Russian girl shocked netizens. Skeptics claim that the video is a product of elaborate editing techniques to give the viewers the illusion that the girl is flying. While some paranormal investigators believe that the girl is in fact possessed by a demon.

According to reports, the video was captured by a man who walks his dog in the woods(The original video was uploaded on 2011.), who happen to have a camera with him. The dog named Tarzan behaved mysteriously in the woods. It turned out that Tarzan was disturbed by unknown forces, he ran to the place near the levitating girl. Tarzan's owner captured the eerie footage. The unnamed dog owner even narrated that Tarzan barked strangely while he zooms the levitating girl.

Many netizens commented that the levitation demonstrated by the girl might be of demonic origin. The image of demonic possession popularized by Hollywood,often involves levitation. Many amateur paranormal video analysts even noted some strange figures are around the girl. These entities might be demons controlling or possessing the girl.Is the video edited or not? The video gained mainstream attention, but since then, no official conclusion was released for public disclosure.


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