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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Experts Proved “Alien” Hand Found in Peru is Clearly Not Of Human Origin

Experts Proved “Alien” Hand Found in Peru is Clearly Not Of Human Origin

It has been a long time that we, humans are in such a great urge to discover and prove that aliens do exist in our own planet - Earth. You might have found a lot of articles that features videos of extraterrestrial phenomena that proves there's aliens lurking around us. In the recent news, people all over the world got shocked and intrigued at the same time when a mummified “alien” hand was found on the coast of Peru. Alien enthusiasts and non believers are quick to debate whether it is real or not. The discussion for its authenticity may come a long way. That's why experts were asked for their expert opinions regarding the said discovery. Is this a proof that aliens truly exist and we are not the only inhabitants of our planet?

Of course, it was easy to call out any image or video uploaded over the web as fake or hoax. But the current image in question tickles the imaginative and analytical mind of many on whether it clearly came from a human being or alien. The said mummified hand was personally seen by the team of Hidden Inca Tours in Cusco Peru. The strange hand was seen to only have 3 fingers and are quite longer than of any usual human beings.

To further know its origin, the accompanying skull was sent to radiology to have its x-ray image to be examined by physicians in Cusco, Peru. The team of experts stated that it s origin was not from a human, but was an actual proof of life form of a different kind. It is depicted to be composed of bone and skin of unusual kind. The x-ray images of the giant hand showed that each of the 3 fingers is made up of 6 bones, compared to a human hand that has only 3 bones.

What was surprising was that the fingers surprisingly look just like of a human with skin and fingernail. Another x-ray shows that under the skin there are well-defined bones, likewise to those of a mammal. When the skull's x-ray images were revealed, Cusco’s medical team claimed that it is also not human, though it is made up of bone and skin. For further testing, radiocarbon tests and DNA testing in the US are at works for the artifact’s authenticity.

The intriguing artifacts were found in a secret and anonymous location, in a tunnel in the southern desert of Peru. The latest extraterrestrial hand will surely be a popular item expecially when more experts gets to testify its authenticity but the keeper of the artifacts does not want to sell them, he simply wants to know what they are. See, that's the beauty in curiosity!


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