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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Unseen World That Can Cause A Person's Death Easily

Are you ready for a world that's completely unknown among us? Well, it seems that we can have a new information about that "world" only if we can continue to gather more convincing news.

Looking back to the old times of the Black Plague, people were confused on what was the reason for the death of people and how it was happening which can lead us now to our topic.

 Interestingly, there was an entire unseen world and it was so powerful that it could cause death to a person even though we could not see it without a microscope.

The Unseen World That Can Cause A Person's Death Easily

Let us put microbes aside, there are many unseen worlds we are discovering and ones we are eager to find ways of exploring. We may not have that specific “microscope” to view that world.  But it won't deny or even stop us from seeing its effects and assume that there is a cause we do not yet know how to define.

Some recent images interetingly done with unusual cameras yielded unusual results are surfacing the world wide web more often than before. In the picture above, a quantum camera took a photo of a toy soldier, not using light, but capturing the photons bouncing off the object. What makes this even more intriguing is that photons that were not present and bouncing off the toy soldier, but photons a distance away that were quantum entangled with those photons bouncing off the toy were the ones that created the image. They were not interacting with the soldier themselves, but their entangled photons were and giving them instantaneous information. Which gives us a question; Do you suppose photons may react to a body of energy in the room and show us the results through their entangled photons imaging?

By using a charge-couple device (CCD) camera, scientists were able to discern that humans have bioluminescence. It's a low-level glow our eyes cannot see. Scientists were able to detect and record biophotons from plants and humans. Perhaps the biggest unseen world is the one that handles what we call “ghosts.” Like the people of the Middle Ages succumbing to the Plague, we are baffled how this is happening, how to make it happen, how to stop it, and what can be done. We are lacking a scope to view it, watch it, name it and process it.

For now, the closest we have come yet to understanding our unseen world is to listen to the stories of those who have encountered it with such great clarity, those who experienced a near-death experience and were able to come back to their life form. To give you a glimpse of the unseen world, here's a video of someone who saw the unseen world and came back to tell us about it.


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