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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump's "Nightmare" Bound To Start In September As Predicted By Expert Who Also Forecasted His Win

Donald Trump

United States of America is one of the strongest and powerful countries who rules the world. And it is just natural for US and non US citizens to have their eyes glued to what America's newest leader's vision in his government as it does not only affects America but also the rest of the world. The latest presidential election featured a tight race for the coveted position between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. A lot has been said when Trump won and now in his first days at office, he surely got the attention of the world for his executive orders that's believed to be a cause to ignite division in America. If you are one of those people who loathes Trump for any reason, then you might have been wondering until when can Trump have his glory days. Well, a known feng shui master who predicted Trump's win has something to say in regards to how long can Trump have his "magic" and by the looks of it, it won't be that long until we get to see bad luck doing its toll on Trump's supremacy.

Priscilla Lam

Priscilla Lam, The feng shui master who correctly predicted Donald Trump winning the US presidency and even stated that “his fire is stronger than Hillary’s” believes that his run of good luck will continue in the Year of the Rooster. This can be a good or bad news to anyone depending if you love or loathe the current US government. Don't be dismayed if you are part of the latter group, the feng shui expert sees Trump having his great luck this year but only until September. It is all going well but she saw that Trump's glory will end when his “nightmare” will start.  Lam sees President Trump encountering difficulties in September, as protestors will have a stronger urge to air their grievances and the countrywill become more divided.
“In the first half of the year America will be OK, no problem. But in the second half, the nightmare will start, Trump has made so many people upset or irritated, so when his luck runs out in the second half of the year, problems or challenges will go with it.  In business he’s definitely a successful person, but in politics it’s another thing.” - Priscilla Lam

Lam is popularly known by making her predictions by first studying the person in question, and combining that information with astrology and feng shui techniques. It is no secret that Trump has made so many people upset with his personality and decisions so it will be a delight for some to know when his luck runs out in the second half of the year. Trump was born in the Year of the Dog, and is an earth sign, meaning he can rapidly change his mind or break his word depending on the environment.
“He’s says he’s a protectionist,Maybe he will not keep his word.” - Priscilla Lam to South China Morning Post.

Lam also talked about Trump's luck in love with his wife Melania Trump and stated that: “No time to talk about love. When the honeymoon time has passed, he faces a lot of things, maybe there will be no time to go home.” Regarding his health, bone problems may come in the way for Trump to perfectly execute his plans for America.

Love him or hate him, Trump is still in office and his glory days may be cut short or took long but what's for sure is that the world's eyes will always be waiting for Trump, the newest president of a powerful country's every decisions.

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